Rare Continues To Roll Out Behind-The-Scenes Videos With The Making Of Perfect Dark

Rare continues to roll out behind-the-scenes videos, and they have now given us a look at the making of Perfect Dark. I didn’t realise how close this game was to being another Bond game, or how the Game Boy Camera was almost used to let players map their faces onto characters! (It was scrapped over fears of dongs.)


  • I always heard the camera thing was scrapped over Nintendo not wanting people to be able to shoot/kill facsimiles of their friends/actual people, or something like that.

  • I used the camera feature at E3 in ’99. It was pretty cool. But due to the increase in school shootings Nintendo started to worry about teachers faces etc being used.

  • Everything I ever heard about the camera was that it worked well but and you could put it on character but as soon as you tried to use it, the game froze. This was a quote from someone at Rare that has stuck in my mind as a bit strange as surely that would be something you could fix. I guess it’s easier to say that than Nintendo were worried about school shootings or dicks or something though.

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