Playstation Exec Shiro Kawauchi Has Been Promoted

Briefly: Beloved PlayStation exec Shiro Kawauchi is leaving his post in South Korea and getting a promotion back home in Japan. A group of fans have banded together to buy presents and make a thank-you-plaque for the man. The design is based on the PS4. How touching! Over the years, Korean fans have developed a super strong connection with him (because of stuff like this and this) and are sad to see him go. You don't usually see parting gifts for video game execs, now do you?

[Thanks, Sang for the tip!]


    감사패 means plaque in korean I thought they would have put something else there. Maybe his name perhaps

    Last edited 11/12/15 11:58 am

    Very nice. BUT is he going to let me change my PSN name?

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