Big W Is Selling The PlayStation 4 For $368

Big W Is Selling The PlayStation 4 For $368

It’s pretty close to the bone people. Christmas is sooner than you think and if getting a PS4 for someone’s Christmas was part of your plans, this seems like good timing.

Or you could totally just buy one for yourself. That’s also a halfway decent idea.

Worthy of note: this deal kicks off this Thursday, and it’s in-store only. No sweet free delivery and whatnot here, but that may be superceded by the ability to walk into your nearest Big W and walk out with a super cheap PS4.

For more information head to Ozbargain.


  • Good price, but if you want super Ozbargain level, wait till they announce a bundle around the same price with a few games included. At purchase you can say you don’t want the extra games (if they’re bad ones, as per usual) and they’ll deduct the sale price of them off the bundle price.

    Edit: Just realised this says Big W, not Target. Your mileage may vary.

  • 10 days by my count Serrels. I’m still not jumping on the console bandwagon. I think I always have been and always will be a handheld gamer at heart ^_^ Also PC Master Race… but that is to be expected 😛

  • It appears the more I procrastinate getting a PS4, the cheaper they get every two months…rather fast in terms of console prices. I think I’ll wait and see what prices they’re offering after boxing day though :p

  • Have you seen the shopping centres lately? they would need to be giving them away for me to even consider stepping foot in another Westfields this time of the year.

  • That’s an absolute steal. But man I’ve still got a backlog of xbone games to play how the hell would I fit in all of the ps4 ones I wanna play! Nah im’a wait until FF7 comes out, huge fan, beat it 6 times roughly….so yeh that’ll do it for me.

  • Hope the price stays low because not only is my birthday next year, but also Crash Bandicoot’s 20th! Come on! It’s Crashs twentieth anniversary, they’ve gotta be working on something! Also I’ll get I play Ratchet and Clank.

  • I picked up a PS4 1TB bundle from EB Games last week for $498 – latest chipset 1TB console (1202), Assasins Creed Syndicate, Need For Speed Rivals and Far Cry 4. The Target price for a 500GB and the cost of the games came out to approx $532 – still ahead AND I got a 1TB. WIN!

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