Bird Lawyer Game Comes To Steam Today

Bird Lawyer Game Comes To Steam Today

Video: You've probably played Phoenix Wright. But have you ever played Phoenix Wright... as a bird? Successfully Kickstarted last year and released today on Steam, Avian Attorney puts you in the well-groomed talons of Jayjay Falcon, a defence attorney in 19th-century Paris. I'm not a huge fan of the colour scheme, but damn, this game looks rad.


    That reminds me I never got around to importing the Harvey Birdman game on Wii.

      That would be awesome - One of my favourite shows of all time. How do you go about that ?

        Been a long, looooong time since I dealt with any Wii homebrew stuff. From memory I think it was Gecko OS or something that you used to launch out-of-region games?

        I think the game was on other platforms too, not too sure which ones (or which regions for those) though.

          Was out on PSP as well. Weird platform combo to say the least. At the end of the day it was like an easy Phoenix Wright game, but the HB characters more than made up for it.

    A very good looking game that kinda looks to be cashing in on the success of Hatoful Boyfriend

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