Bloodborne’s New Bow Absolutely Wrecks

Bloodborne’s New Bow Absolutely Wrecks

One of the more interesting new weapons in Bloodborne is Simon’s Bowblade, giving players the unique opportunity to inflict long distance damage. With the proper stats, it can turn otherwise brutal boss battles into trivial affairs.

krump0 posted a video of his fight against Ebrietas, one of the hidden bosses in Bloodborne and notorious for destroying even the most well-prepared players.

With Simon’s Bowblade, found in The Old Hunters, it’s over as soon as it begins.

I’ll let krump0 explain his character’s loadout, per a reddit thread:

Bloodborne’s New Bow Absolutely Wrecks

One of the key differences between Bloodborne and Dark Souls is pushing players to engage in close quarter combat. It’s why you regain health by attacking enemies — they want you to keep things moving. And with shields mostly removed from the equation, players cannot (usually) hang back and play it safe. Bloodborne demands and rewards players for being aggressive with attacks.

Guns, the game’s shield replacement, aren’t typically viable from far away because they tend to inflict tiny bits of damage really meant to interrupt attacks.

Simon’s Bowblade is the big exception here, allowing crazy shit like this:

I still have Fallout 4, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Black Ops 3, Undertale, and other games to play in the coming weeks, but dang, all I wanna do is start a new character in Bloodborne and hit big, gross things with Simon’s Bowblade.


  • How easy is it to upgrade to +10 after all the patches and stuff? I haven’t looked into it for a long time.

    • I found one blood rock in the dlc but everyone talks about some chalice dungeon trick to get blood rocks, sounds annoying though

      • Yeah it’s pretty easy. You can find chalice dungeon codes online for dungeons that contain bloodstones. So you can more or less farm stones

    • There is one blood rock per playtbrough, one in the Dlc, and one in the chalice dungeons. You can (potentially) get 3 +10 weapons in one NG+ cycle if cycle you’re patient with farming blood chunks.

  • I’d love to play this, but I’ve finished the game and just don’t have the time to dedicate to starting again to make it through to where I can actually start this DLC. It’d be nice if the DLC was a separate affair from the main game or, at the very least, if the point you access it from was right near the start of the game .

    • I think you can steam roll pretty quickly if you restart it. I’ll probably be starting it again next year

      • Yeah you will fly through to the dlc It didn’t take long at all and it’s good way to prepare you for the new area because that is definitely challenging

      • Running past virtually everything except the two mandatory boss fights (one of which – Gascoigne, is IMO the hardest boss in the game) on the way to the DLC doesn’t sound like a very good strategy though considering the DLC expects you to be about level 65 (same level ballpark as Cainhurst Castle, for reference), which means you’ll be severely underlevelled when you get there.

        I’ve been put off by the method of accessing it personally and kind of wish I had waited to play the game until the DLC was out, so I could essentially play it as part of the main game. While you could run past everything and get there in less than an hour fairly comfortably, realistically it’s probably going to take you longer than that as you grind to reach an appropriate level to tackle the DLC…several hours at least.

        This wouldn’t be such a problem if the game didn’t just throw you into NG+ while overwriting your save game upon finishing it. If I still had a save file from just before the final boss I could go back and do the DLC easily, but that’s not possible. And apparently they didn’t think that allowing you to access it directly from the Hunter’s Dream was a good idea either. So if I wanted to play the DLC, I’d either need to start a fresh game and reach the DLC area while grinding up to at least level 65, or start from my NG+ save and hope to hell I’m a high enough level to tackle it.

        When you think about it, the game’s actually asking you to play through an entire one-third of the mandatory part of the game in order to reach the DLC. That’s ridiculous. No, that doesn’t make the game more “hardcore”, as some rabid fans would have you believe. That’s just stupid.

  • I’ve not built my characters for gun type combat, but it’s interesting that you can crit off a bowblade hit from far away and run in for the weapon damage. Seems like something that has the potential to make boss fights super easy?

    I’m still not sold on the DLC. The summoning of old hunters before most bosses makes the fights a cakewalk. I only did it twice in the story mode on bosses I had already done. No more of that. Way too easy with them.

    • The Old Hunter summons are only outside of two of the bosses, one of which is completely optional. The other three bosses, two of which are probably the hardest and best boss fights in Bloodborne, have no NPC summons.

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