Boy Opens Christmas PlayStation 4, Finds A Block Of Wood With A Dick On It

Boy Opens Christmas PlayStation 4, Finds A Block Of Wood With A Dick On It

It’s bad enough that a Massachusetts family’s Target-purchased Christmas console wound up being a piece of wood in a PlayStation 4 box, but did whoever swapped it out have to draw a dick and balls on it?

According to a report by Boston’s Fox 25 and the step-mother’s Facebook post, nine-year-old Scott Lundy was over-the-moon when he unwrapped a PlayStation 4 box on Christmas morning, shouting, “YES THIS IS THE BEST CHRISTMAS EVER DAD CAN WE SET THIS UP NOW?”

So imagined how crushed he was when they opened the box and discovered a block of wood vaguely shaped like a PlayStation 4. And imagine how shocked parents Kristin and Brian were when the saw what was scrawled on the wood — “From cock and balls with love”, along with a picture of those two things.

Being a father myself, I can’t even. The Fox report shows a picture of a joy-filled Scott holding the box over his head pre-opening. Then this:

“He’s crying and he’s upset and he’s in the playroom by himself and he just wants to be alone so at that point. I was crushed,” said Kristin Lundy, his step-mother.

The Saugus Target location where the “system” was purchased returned the FakeStation and gave the Lundys a new one, along with a $US100 ($137) gift card and a copy of The Uncharted Collection. Excellent response, but none of that helps get the image of a young boy crying alone in the playroom on Christmas out of my head.

From Kristin’s Facebook post: “This has ruined his belief in Santa.”

So, to whoever did this, be it a Target customer or employee or someone at the factory pulling a prank, go f*** yourself. Seriously. I’ll wait.

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  • Well this incident should actually be investigated and arrest whoever did it.
    Target needs to fire and get the man or woman persecuted for this crime.

      • Agreed @jusking3888. It’d be nice if we actually called for Target to be held to account in checking that what they are selling is actually what they are selling, rather than call for lynch mobs. Yeah the guy who returned the wood block is wrong, but if Target (and other major shopping chains) made a policy of making sure that what was returned was what was sold we wouldn’t keep seeing articles like this pop up.

  • lol rekt,

    sounds like they got it all sorted, bit of a shock this came from a retail store and not ebay (or equivalent)

  • Likely someone bought it, swapped the console out for the wood, then re-sealed it and returned it to get their money back, and the employee doing the return didn’t check the box because it was sealed and weighty.

    Parents really should have checked the box beforehand too. My parents always did that with xmas presents, to make sure they didn’t need to buy anything extra like batteries etc

    At least the store came through in the end, with bonus extras!

    • When buying ANYTHING, check what’s in the box.

      Just bought a new camera at JB Hi Fi – a box was opened in front of me, and found to be empty [it was the box for the camera on display]. Second box was OK.

      • I’d kinda be stoked with a dick and balls box, except I bought my ps4 in Japan and thankfully I opened it over there or it would’ve been a long trip back to exchange it

  • Every year, stories of the same bullshit occur.

    I’m curious why people actually believe this is real and not someone after their 15 minutes of fame and some free stuff

    • I dunno, it seems pretty likely that it’s legit. It happens quite a lot and the news stations hunt these stories down. I think those stories inspire people to try it themselves. I mean every year in the busy shopping periods there’s a few of these articles that make it clear that all you have to do is return the product sealed on a busy day.
      I like to think most people who pull this scam are stupid enough to keep the console and put in their traceable details rather than selling it on Craigslist to someone desperate enough not to ask questions.

      • Sorry I am going to have to disagree with you there – this seems far more fake than real. If they hadnt drawn the dick on the reproduced wooden PS4, then I would be inclined to want to believe them

        • When my parents bought me and my sister our first new computers(to replace my old mac classic because school used windows and the floppy discs weren’t compatible) for Christmas in the early 2000s, one came in as just two planks of wood. Both from the same place, due to several incidents at the time they were actually able to track down the courier responsible. This stuff does happen and more often than you’d expect, you only hear about it around Christmas.

        • Read a reddit post about working in retail and see how many people bothered to check from time to time and found boxes full of rocks and shit. Happens all the time, bound to have a couple slip through.

      • @dogman: Let’s keep in mind that we’re talking about one of the many tendrils of the Fox news empire here. They’re more well-known for sensationalism than fact-checking.

        • Yeah but they don’t need to lie. Odds are there are half a dozen other cases of this happening, and they only picked this one to cover because the person who made the switch decided to mock the store/buyer. I’m not saying it absolutely must have happened exactly how it’s being reported, I just think it’s a bit of a leap to assume it’s fake.

  • They gave a 9 year old an MA15+ rated game. Who’s the real criminal here?

    “This has ruined his belief in Santa.”

    Calm the fuck down idiot.

    • We’re sorry this incident has damaged your child like innocent belief in Santa, hopefully playing the Uncharted Collection will restore your child like innocence.

  • Kid is still lied to by parents at 9 years old about santa? But they are totally ok with him playing rated M games. Yeah, i feel bad for the kid but shitty parenting is the bigger problem here methinks.

  • All worked out rather profitably in the end. Santa only comes once a year, but the PlayStation cock and balls just keeps on giving.

  • if his parents hadnt lied about santa to him in the first place, he wouldnt be dealing with the heart break right now.

    • If I were a parent into telling the Santa lie I think I’d just roll with it. “A wooden playstation, son? Well I guess that’s what Santa gives kids who don’t do their chores. Maybe if you get a start on mowing the lawn right now I can give Santa a call and see if he’s willing to reconsider before the end of the year.”

      Isn’t the point of the Santa lie to motivate kids to behave themselves and do the right thing? So long as your child continues to believe in Santa, you’d always have that “remember when Santa brought you a wooden playstation instead of a real one?” card to play if s/he acts up.

      • That’s a pretty bad idea. Sooner or later the kid will learn the truth, so taking advantage of their belief in Santa to manipulate them is going to backfire. If they’re over invested in the idea of being good for Santa they’ll struggle to find motivation to be good once Santa is out of the equation (especially coupled with general teenage shittiness).

  • These stories come up all the time. Half the time it turns out it’s the people making the stink on social media that were the ones who did the swap in the first place to try to scam a second item.


    No. Go and play with your block of wood.

    And next year clean your room when I tell you to.

  • are you honestly telling me that this is real!
    PLZ i bet they bought the console then carved the block of wood to look like and weigh the same as a real playstation, returned it with some sort of proof of purchase like a receipt then were given a free $100 gift card and video game. I’m telling you that is the most reasonable explanation plus only some kid lets say a 9 year old would draw a dick on a piece of wood. Also only target would be stupid enough to take in a block of wood without having some sort of police investigation into the matter.

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