Bravely Second: End Layer Is Reaching Europe On 26 February [Updated]

Briefly: Bravely Second: End Layer — the sequel to the superb 3DS JRPG Bravely Default — is coming to Europe on 26 February 2016. No official Australian release date yet, but hopefully it will be early next year as well. Update 3:00pm: A February 27 release date has been confirmed for Australia.


    Nintendo considers Australia as apart of the European market so Bravely Second will be coming out on the 26 of February for Australia also.

    We usually get the same time as Europe anyway. Probably same date!

      We'll most likely get it the 27th. Nintendo tends to release on Saturdays in Australia for some reason.

        Yeap. Saturday is the child friendly day. I actually prefer friday releases since I can pick it up and enjoy it the whole weekend.

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