Brisbane Supanova 2015 In Pictures

Brisbane Supanova 2015 In Pictures

Supanova Brisbane went down this past weekend, and it was a lot of things. It was hot, as anything in Brisbane in November is bound to be. It was sticky. There were storms. There were cosplayers and celebrities and loot and expensive convention food. Being the last Supanova of the year — and even the last convention of the year in Australia — Brisbane Supanova always feels a bit like a giant party. I went along and took my camera to try and capture the atmosphere of the convention for everyone who couldn’t make it — or for those who are still experiencing post-con depression.

The end of the last Supanova also means the end of the 2015 con season in Australia. What conventions did you get to this year? What was your favourite? Tell us in the comments!

Aussie videographers Deerstalker Pictures have also released their last cosplay round up video for the year. Check it out below:


  • I ended up going in on Sunday and it was great! Crowds were nowhere near as bad as they usually are. We could walk around and not feel like we were in a mosh pit haha

    Still disappoints me the prices of things though but the atmosphere was great and everyone was super friendly which is always nice.

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