Check Out A Brand New Dark Souls 3 Boss In Action (Spoiler)

Earlier this month, IGN put up a video of a brand new boss fight from Dark Souls 3, which is a welcome new piece of info after seeing the same Dancer of the Frigid Valley fight from the demo over and over. It's a spoiler purely because you'll be seeing one of the bosses, and for no other reason.

There's also a bit of Murakumo action, which as far as I know is the first we've seen of it, and the player shows off its special "arts" move at about 1:35.

It looks like the HUD was intentionally disabled for this video, so you can't gather any clues from item or covenant slots, and it also keeps the name of the boss unknown. Ignore the baity headline on the IGN video, it's not the "craziest Souls boss yet" (bloody internet hyperbole), but it's still cool, and without spoiling anything, I think From is trying to create a really cool "oh crap" moment at 1:40.

Dark Souls 3, man. February is looking like a very strong month for games after all the delays from this Christmas period, so it looks like I'll have one month to get all that out of the way before this one drops in March.


    At first I was like "Holy shit!".
    Then I was like "Holy SHIT!".
    And THEN I was like "HOLY SHIT!!!".

    After playing Dark Souls 1, 2 and Bloodbourne, this doesn't really surprise me anymore. Cool looking boss though + I like the way the fight starts. They need to re-release Demon Souls on PS4 so I can give that a crack.

      I'm in the same boat as you, a Demon Souls remaster would be freaking sweet.

    insulting a bait headline in a kotaku article is like optimus prime dissing fawkes from harry potter

    both hypocritical and grounded in nonsense

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