Computers Sure Looked Goofy In ’80s Movies

Computers Sure Looked Goofy In ’80s Movies

Video: It’s a supercut of the weirdest movie scenes with computers and computer interfaces from a time when even copying a simple file to a floppy was shown as some sort of magic trick.

YouTuber elsafrickey collected a whole bunch of these scenes from the ’70s, the ’90s, but mostly from the ’80s. Obviously, a giant flashing “ACCESS DENIED” sign looks more exciting on the big screen than someone typing “c:donotopentopsecret.txt” in a tiny MS-DOS window, but still, it will always look silly.


  • The question that needs to be asked is whether it was believable at the time.. and in a lot cases, it was.

  • A lotof these movies are actually 90’s films (e.g.The Jackal, Goldeneye, etc). And the most bizarre thing for me is the random beeping the computers make when they complete a task. Who would design a computer that beeps like a microwave everytime it does something?

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