Counter-Strike Celebrates Christmas By Replacing The Desert Eagle

There’s no better way to celebrate the holiday period than with presents, and the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive developers have decided to help everyone honour the occasion by releasing their mammoth Winter Update.

The patch introduces a whole swath of things, including the ability to remotely relay the game state, service medals for next year and a new replays for casual and demolition modes. But that’s not even close to the biggest changes.

Perhaps the biggest change, for fans new and old of the game, is the introduction of the R8 Revolver. That’s not because of the weapon itself, but because it replaces the Desert Eagle, which has been a staple of Counter-Strike ever since the game began life as a Half-Life mod.

To demonstrate just how iconic the pistol is to the community, please spend the next minute (or hour, on repeat) watching this.

And that’s not to mention the many insane rounds and movies that have come out of matchmaking games, offline tournaments and elsewhere.

The beauty of the desert eagle — or deagle, was the way it rewarded skill if you were able to aim correctly at the head. That hasn’t carried over to the design of the revolver, however, which appears to be more akin to a small-scale AWP.

It’s absurdly powerful, far more so than the deagle ever was, as one Australian showcased on a stream earlier today.

Watch live video from killerahri on reported that the gun has “an apparent one-shot kill damage value in its slower firing rate against armoured opponents”. Other videos I’ve seen suggest the weapon can do 97 damage to the body at long range from a single shot.

It’s worth pointing out that the revolver — or ReVolvo, as some are affectionately saying — only costs $850. That’s more than the deagle cost, and substantially more than alternative eco-round options such as the P250, Five-Seven or Tec-9.

But this is a pistol, not a rifle. Pistols aren’t supposed to have the stopping power of an AK-47 or an AWP. It’s certainly caught professional players off guard.

Not everyone was surprised, mind you: legendary Swedish player Christopher Alesund, otherwise known as “GeT_RiGhT”, noted that Valve were tweaking around with the revolver in internal builds.

But amusingly, that’s not the only major change.

The developers have also adjusted the round and bomb timers, not just for competitive matchmaking but for upcoming major championships. Nobody consulted the community on that change either, and while the reaction isn’t as stark across the whole community it’s certainly upset quite a few of the pros.

And that’s still not all of the major changes. Accuracy while firing pistols — except the revolver, obviously — has been nerfed, while the recovery time for the main rifles (the AK-47, M4A1 and its silenced variant) has been “adjusted … to reduce the range at which spraying is preferable to tapping/bursting”.

On top of that, Valve has reduced the sound of footsteps in first person as part of their ongoing tweaks to the sound, and players can purchase gifts for others until January 15th to commemorate the holiday season.

Phew. It’s a lot to unpack. But no more deagle … I don’t know if I can take that. The deagle was already a fraction of what it was in CS 1.6 and CS: Source. It’s practically a FPS icon. And to replace it with a revolver? A revolver that does infinitely more damage, so much so that you might as well not bother buying a rifle at all?

I guess CS:GO really is the Wild West of online shooters.

Update: The headline’s been changed to reflect the fact that you can still use the desert eagle, although if you have the revolver equipped the deagle is unavailable.

However, that’s something you’re highly unlikely to do, as this following tweet showcases:

And this simple video illustrates just how absurd it is in normal situations.

I suspect a nerf might be in the works over Christmas.

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