Crew Member Reportedly Killed On Set Of New Resident Evil Movie

Crew Member Reportedly Killed On Set Of New Resident Evil Movie

There is, unfortunately, more grim news from the set of Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, where a crew member was reportedly crushed to death earlier this month. A stuntwoman who’d been injured also recently said that her injuries will cost her an arm.

South African website IOL reports that a resident of Cape Town, South Africa named Ricardo Cornelius was crushed by a US army issue Hummer on the set of the upcoming movie — which is being filmed in South Africa. As a crew member, Cornelius was apparently responsible for rotating a small platform that held the Hummer, but on December 3 it tilted and the vehicle landed on him. He was reportedly rushed to the hospital, but he died of his injuries hours later.

His wife of just one year, Shafiefa Cornelius, told IOL that, at first, one of her husband’s colleagues called her and suggested that he wasn’t hurt all that badly. They suggested that Ricardo would have to stay in the hospital for “a few days”. Later that day, however, someone personally showed up to escort her to the hospital.

“At the hospital, doctors said they had to take him into theatre as soon as he arrived,” she told IOL. “His heart stopped and they were fighting for his life but managed to revive him again. The doctors said his lungs were completely flat and he was bleeding a lot.”

“I held his hand and I told him not to leave us because we need him and he is a strong man,” she said. “We were with him for about an hour, then he died.”

When Shafiefa spoke to IOL, she went on to claim that the company Ricardo worked for directly, All Access Crew, compensated her, but nobody has been in touch with concrete information about the incident. She apparently doesn’t know anything beyond the basics.

“No one can tell me what happened,” she told IOL. “I need closure. His colleagues who I spoke to blocked me on WhatsApp. None of the bosses have even contacted me to tell me what happened.”

I’ve reached out to the movie’s production company and Capcom to find out if this has changed and, if not, what’s going on. As of writing, they had yet to respond.

This isn’t the first major accident to occur on the set of Resident Evil: The Final Chapter. Earlier this year, stuntwoman Olivia Jackson — film star Milla Jovovich’s stunt double — was involved in a horrific motorcycle accident that nearly took her life. She suffered extensive injuries to her face, neck, back, and arms and was comatose for two weeks afterward.

In an update on Facebook (via her GoFundMe page), she recently explained that one of her arms will have to be amputated:

“My left arm is paralysed and is going to have to be amputated. It breaks my heart…mainly because I won’t be able to ride MX again, but also because of my work and all the huge changes that will [have] to take place in the energetic life that I love.”

Best wishes to Shafiefa, Olivia, and everyone else involved.


      • “2 weeks in a coma, brain bleed, brain swelling, severed main artery in the neck, crushed & degloved face, several broken ribs, paralyzed arm, shattered scapula, broken clavicle, broken humerus, broken radius & ulna, with an open wound and a 7.5 piece of bone missing, amputated thumb, torn fingers, 5 nerves torn out of the spinal cord…. not my funnest day on set.”

  • Damn, this franchise really needs to be stopped. Hearing about ’49’ and the bike stack was bad enough, big fan of her work

    • They tend to shoot movies outside of the US to avoid certain aspects of OH&S as well as union restrictions. I’m wondering if this was a factor in this accident?

  • This is awful. Two death on the one movie is way too many. The production needs to be shut down. Obviously they’re cutting a lot of corners on safety.

    • I agree 🙁 Everything I hear about this movie seems to involve some kind of horrible accident. I don’t think I’ll be able to watch it without being reminded that it was made at the cost of (at the time of writing) two human lives, with anothers future destroyed due to amputation – among countless other horrific injuries that the staff incurred.

      • I totally agree. I don’t know what the production team must be thinking right now. If I was on it, I’d have left already, or I’d have shut it down if I was high up enough. No movie is worth one lift, let alone two.

  • Never seen a snuff movie before but its looks like I’ll get my chance with the next Resident Evil…

    Yikes. What is going on with this movie production?!

  • Whoever runs the OH&S and the stunt work on this production should be fired, sued and forced to never work in stunt work forever. The company that was hired to do stunt work should be shut down with all managers and safety personnel fired. A significant portion of any money made by this film should go to the stuntwoman who was injured and the family of the deceased individual.

    This is appalling.

  • Milla Jovovich is so goddamned hot, i think she’s getting better with age, hopefully some more fetish style outfits in this movie! hopefully something with shiny boots

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