Crytek Is Making An Oculus Rift Game About Rock Climbing

Do you know how sometimes you see a game and you think, THEY MADE THIS VIDEO GAME FOR ME AND ME ALONE.

I'm sure Crytek are making this Oculus Rift game about rock climbing for me.

Hold me.

I mean seriously, just look at the video above. The main character even chalks up.

Okay let me bring it back for a second.

This game is called 'The Climb'. It's a virtual reality climbing experience for the Oculus Rift and it's playable using game controllers. It looks pretty awesome from where I'm sitting.

As a big fan of real life rock climbing (mainly bouldering) I'm super excited about this. I'm hoping The Climb will feature guys at the bottom of the climb shouting instructions to you. Just like real life.

Especially knowing this (taken from The Climb's Q&A on the official site):

The Climb uses elements of the real life sport in gameplay to give players the sensation of rock climbing. For example, gameplay revolves around exploring rock faces to find a path to the top, and you must find different grips or holds, each with their own challenge, to lift yourself as you chart your own route. Rock climbing in real life is physically demanding. As athletes climb they sweat and chalk is used by climbers to return grip to sweaty hands. This is reflected in the game, as the more active you are, the more you’ll need to use chalk on your in-game hands so you can stay on the rock!

The bold part sounds especially awesome — will this game focus on body movement, finger strength and real-time problem solving like proper climbing? That's the dream, for me at least. Regardless, I'm super keen.

The Climb will support the Oculus Rift touch controllers and Xbox One controllers. There's no official price or release date yet.


    A game where you play as a pair of gloves climbing a rock? I'm sold!

    side question, where did you go bouldering in your youtube video? good effort on the V7. I definitely saw a bit of the fear in that climb.

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    This will enable me to continue avoiding climbing outdoors :P

    I wonder if the lack of limbs and a body feels disconcerting when playing the game, or wether the player still manages to immerse themselves in the perception that they are actually climbing a 300m rock face.

    I love rock climbing walls, I just wish I had friends I could trust enough to belay me. I don't think I'd ever get the courage for a proper climb though so something like this is a dream come true.

      I think suspension of disbelief kicks in pretty well with the lack of limbs. I haven't done a whole lot with hand tracking stuff like the Hydras or whatever, but for the most part you just tend to focus on your hands. And since you've got a pair of objects replicating your hand movements 1:1 it's pretty easy to accept them as being your hands.

      Which come to think of it now makes me wonder just how well it works with the gamepad instead. Huh.

    Shit Mark, how about a NSFW warning on that YouTube link, my workplace isn't ready for a full screen shirtless Serrels mid-climb.

    I'm hopeful for the game though, hopefully stamina and strength management are important factors. Maybe you have to build your strength over the game (level it up) to be able to attempt more difficult climbs. Or maybe I'm dreaming, and all it'll be is "PRESS X TO CHALK".

    This makes me think a new Shadow of the Colossus (or clone thereof) could work in VR.

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