DC Comics Is Making Big Changes (Again) To Superman And Batman

DC Comics Is Making Big Changes (Again) To Superman And Batman

The current storylines — which have ushered in radically different versions of the Man of Steel and the Dark Knight — will be wrapping up early next year.

Come next spring, no more Robo-Bat-cop or T-Shirt Superman. The latest versions of the Man of Steel and the Dark Knight will be returning to more familiar forms early next year.

Superman will be back to full power and Bruce Wayne will be back in his cape and cowl in Action Comics #50 and Batman #50 respectively, according to new solicitations put out by DC Comics today. The pre-release info also says that the two Supermen currently existing in the DC Universe will meet, and that Gordon and the original Dark Knight will be teaming up to take out Gotham’s latest archvillain Mr Bloom.

With a big-budget movie featuring Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman on the way — along with the cyclical nature of superhero comics status quo changes — these changes don’t come as any real surprise. What remains to be seen is what happens to Gordon and the public awareness that Superman and Clark Kent are the same person. Hopefully, these storylines will get the chance to impact each character’s mythos in some way, rather than being waved away like they never happened.


  • Wow that pic of supes is fucking terrible. The anatomy is all over the shop like a teenagers art diary sketch, not a piece from a professional artist that was ok’d by an editor.

  • I’m starting to understand why I never really stuck it out with DC comics. I’m a big Batman fan, but this whole stop/start/do-over thing is beyond tedious.

  • Batman the past six(?) years…
    Damian, the best Robin, joins Batman
    Just starts hitting its stride and Damian is killed off.
    Then (seemingly) an eternity looking for him and trying to revive him.
    Finally, Damian is brought back to life… with super powers?
    Damians powers go.
    World resets.
    Bruce isnt batman anymore.
    Robo bat.

    So youre telling me that after six years we might finally get back to Batman and Robin!?
    Ive been so fucked off with Batman after all this bullshit!

  • The two Supermen (Supermans?) meet? I suppose that opens the possibility that Superman and Clark Kent will be seen together thus “proving” they’re not the same person, and the status quo on the secret identity will also return.

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