Destiny Players: How Much Have You Spent On Microtransactions?

Destiny Players: How Much Have You Spent On Microtransactions?

Yesterday, Bungie added some expensive, unexpected microtransactions to Destiny that will let players level their characters (slightly) faster in exchange for (a lot of) real-world money. In light of that news, I’m curious how much y’all have spent on the game so far.

Back when Destiny‘s in-game microtransaction system launched, emotes were they order of the day. Now that we’ve had a few events like The Festival Of The Lost and the Sparrow Racing League, the number of things players could theoretically spend their money on has greatly expanded. I’m curious to see the numbers on this one.


        • Nah, I don’t even have the game, but if they were to ask about something like…Blacklight Retribution then I wouldn’t be laughing so much after I calculated my micro transaction spending.

        • Nah, I don’t even have the game, but if they were to ask about something like…Blacklight Retribution then I wouldn’t be laughing so much after I calculated my micro transaction spending.

  • None, I’ve spent about $200 on the original game, wolf DLC and taken king. When I saw micro transactions I quit the game. I hate micro transactions UNLESS it’s a free game and you buy extras. If I’ve paid for the game then I don’t want to pay for more.

  • I’m curious about this as well, Taken King is on my wish list and I can tell you now I won’t be spending a penny on cosmetic rubbish. If this micro-transaction thing kicks off in a big way and they start offering real game items like weapons etc, I may call Santa and tell him I’m cool with not playing Destiny

    • Bungie have said they won’t be doing that, so hopefully they stick to their word. I’ve spent 0$ on micro-transactions and I don’t think that will change.

      • So why have they introduced power leveling? Seems to me like they are slowly edging in different things to see if people notice and before long guns will be for sale.

        • To be fair, the power levelling was introduced before the micro-transactions. I’m not saying it won’t go it that direction, I’m just hoping it wont.

          • I agree with you but the problem is whilst people are paying for these kind of things, money will always push developers to see what they will get away with before consumers get real angry. Fingers crossed it doesn’t take a turn like Payday.

  • Is it weird to anyone else that Destiny articles come up under the Xbox tab? Destiny is very much a Playstation game to me.

    • I’m sure Destiny is very much an Xbox game to other people, what’s your point?

      If anything it should be under Consoles in general, not one or the other.

      • Exclusive quests, strikes, missions and rewards are exclusive to playstation. Then they arrive on xbox months later

        • I am aware of this and my point still stands. No amount of early access to content will change Destiny from a multiplatform game to “a PS game that also happens to be on Xbox”

          Wasn’t there a CoD recently where MS paid big $$$ so they could get dlc or something earlier than PS? Do we refer to that CoD as an Xbox game and not multiplat?

          Hell, you could even stretch and start saying Destiny is more of an Xbox game due to Bungie’s history with MS lol.

          • I agree it should go under a “consoles” tab, but because the vast majority of players playing Destiny are playing on PS consoles, the marketing marterial is explicitly all Playstation focused and the game is “more complete” on Playstation consoles, I “feel” articles related to the overall game (rather than Xbox specific Destiny news) fit better under the Playstation tab better than the Xbox tab.

            You are correct in that MS used to buy Activisions CoD exclusivity, but it seems either Sony made a better offer or they worked something out with the Destiny/Activision deal and the CoD exclusivity deal goes to Sony at least for the time being.

            You could definitely bring up Rise of the Tomb Raider as a timed exclusive deal gone wrong (at least in terms of perception) for MS. For the record, im not a fan of exclusives… timed, platform or really any kind. I’ve also played over 350 hours of Destiny. On X1.

    • You’ll note these are only available on Xbox for the time being – i’m pretty sure generally articles come up under both tabs (i may be wrong).

  • None.

    The only reason I’m actually playing again is I saw the ttk bundle (all previous content and ttk) for $42 on psn over the weekend and thought that was reasonable. I had already paid for the base game and the two expansions, but then traded it in after I stopped playing altogether and this seemed like the easiest way to get all the stiff to get playing again. So far it’s ok…

  • None. Don’t need to spend anything more than the initial $100 odd to get hundreds of hours of enjoyment from the game (yet).

    Interestingly though the people I play with seem to have spent a reasonable amount, they all had the carlton when it came out and many bought things in festival of the lost as well as the race bounty book. I do wonder if the carlton and the lost were successful as they were released during the honeymoon period that TTK brought about, the time when secret missions and new exotics were being discovered on a weekly basis and players were still excited by the new content.

    It’s a funny thing… I also wonder if it’s a generational difference? I’m old and cranky and often wish my lawn was free of children and yet the younger people I play with (early 20’s) seem to be happy to fork out for this kind of thing.

    IF (and that’s a big if) this stuff remains cosmetic, the xp buff is borderline, then I guess i’m happy for those people to finance my game. The content isn’t free to make, keeping a staff of a couple of hundred people working on a game isn’t cheap, so i’m happy for them to make money somehow, although i’d be more comfortable with a traditional model (ie; base game + expansion OR sub model) this appears to be the way it’s going.

    Anyhoo probably going to jump ship to ARK on the weekend so let’s see how that goes. After I get the oryx challenge. And maybe do a nightfall. And perhaps a few more races. But then definitely will play something else.

    • Hmmm so thinking more about this…

      I’m happy to pay for content. This doesn’t bother me. TDB, HOW, TTK, etc… this I describe as content.

      Emotes, shaders, this kind of stuff simply doesn’t interest me. The racing book is… slightly problematic in that it’s hiding fairly standard stat tracking behind a paywall however the fact the “content” itself was free does actually justify it for me. Again, i’ve not spent ANY money on anything so far and I don’t plan to.

      Also the fact the racing is surprisingly good makes me think i’d actually be happier to fork out $10 for a full blown racing mode as it would definitely constitute “content”. It would need to have more tracks obviously… but the basis is amazingly solid and alarmingly fun considering what a small part of the game using the sparrow actually was, the base mechanics are truly a testament to the strength of the designers at bungie.

      So… dunno. Yay free content. Boo feeling like they’re trying to rip us off.

      There has to be a middle ground somewhere, i’m happy to pay for something that I feel is giving me value, the current model doesn’t make me feel that. Be curious to see how it evolves over the next nine months.

  • Zero, I wont be buying any of the microtransaction things. I havent even spent any of the free silver that they gave everyone.

  • Stopped playing when I realised I had to play the same 6 missions x 1,000,000 to actually get anywhere… $0

  • none, i haven’t even spent the 400 silver they gave for free. Its cost at a bare minimum of say $150 on the game in the past year. Thats the original game, and 3 dlc’s…one of which is $70.

    So really its more like $170+, them adding microtransactions is just dirty. They’ve earnt a small fortune of this game and are just being greedy doing this.

    Seeing them hope they can fool people into paying $45 australian dollars to rank up a little makes me angry. Destiny 2 is going have microtransactions everywhere in a full release game, you wait for it haha

  • Do you still play this game?… Yes, I fracking do. $26 and some cents with the new SRL event, I figured if they are going to do this new model where micro-tranactionss will fund the predetermined year 2 small expansions as drip feeds (rather then paid expansions), well I love this game and I want to support it. I know that their distributor is Actiborg, but if Bungie can find a way balance to supply meaningful content with profit bench marks, through these micro-transactions than I’m going to be part of it. Hell, I played Dragonfail on IOS for 2 years and freaking put at least 30 bucks into that cruddy app (shame). I have been passionate about Destiny this game before it launched (Remember when there was a “Seven Seraphims” faction?), I was a Betard and I’ve been playing since launch. This is my bag and I want my bag to be safe, I am a core part of ‘the Community’. Also, I’ve bought an Iron Banner (Til I Die) t-shirt, the Nepal Fundraiser bundle and the 2016 Calendar (no more Halo and WoW day planners for me, just Destiny and Wicked Weasel).

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