Destiny’s Telesto Is Available From Xur This Weekend

Destiny’s Telesto Is Available From Xur This Weekend

Briefly: Destiny‘s weekend vendor Xur is selling the exotic fusion rifle Telesto. If you’re wondering if you should buy it: Yes, yes you should.


  • Definitely an interesting gun and good to have in your arsenal.
    For those who don’t know, this fusion rifle shoots sticky bullets that explode after a second of impact. The initial hit does minimal damage, but the ensuing explosions put out a lot of damage which is also AoE damage. Adding both aspects of the damage together make it one of the highest base-damaging weapons in game. So good.
    It has great PvE usage as a wave clearer on bunched up enemies. This also works extremely well with it’s ability, which is that multikills will spawn orbs for allies. Just one burst of bullets into a pack can cause 5 deaths. This on my Nightstalker hunter in conjunction with Skyburners Annex (which is also for sale this weekend from Xur) spawns so many orbs for my allies that their ult’s are almost always up.
    Now as for PvP with this weapon… it’s not the greatest. Destiny’s PvP is very fast as it currently stands, and while yes you will get kills just by landing two rounds of bullets on enemies due to the explosion damage, you end up trading the majority of the time. It is the easiest weapon to get post-mortem kills with though, so it has that going for it. 😛

  • It’s funny,I hadn’t been on destiny for a week or 2,I jump on to do some strikes,popped a three of coins and basically the only exotic I didn’t have was dropped for me, the telesto.
    Which for me is stunning luck. I tried it out for a second…and then got bored, haven’t touched destiny since. I’ll be back for the next dlc…maybe.

  • What was with the xur move this weekend, was a little odd he started in reef then bugged out and changed to tower…

    • Ah, so my friends weren’t just trolling me. They said he was on the reef, but when I got there…no Xur. I later found him at the tower to the right of the hanger entrance after ranking up Dead Orbit. Yet to try Telesto out, bought it because it looks pretty and I’ve got Strange Coins to burn…

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