Don’t Underestimate Rainbow Six Siege’s Drones

Don’t Underestimate Rainbow Six Siege’s Drones

In Rainbow Six Siege, the attacking team controls drones in addition to human operatives. But really, why use wimpy old human meatbags at all?

Eden Lane posted a video in which they won a Rainbow Six Siege match seconds after it started. How? By driving a drone into the hostage area and waiting.

See, Siege matches open with a phase in which attackers — playing as drones — scout the level while defenders set up barricades, barbed wire, and the like. In this case, the defenders’ goal was to protect a hostage. During that phase, Eden dove behind enemy lines (and also the hostage) and found a hiding spot.

As soon as the match officially began, Eden re-assumed control of their drone via remote control and started spotting members of the enemy team. This gave them notifications that they’d been seen, which — as you’ll notice — made them start glancing around in confused suspicion. “Where’s that coming from?” essentially. It’s a good idea to take out drones like that asap, because otherwise the enemy team can easily use their feed of information to ambush the crap out of you. It’s certainly happened to me.

Eden made sure to cling pretty closely to the hostage, and after a few seconds a member of the opposing team took the bait. They tried to swat Eden’s annoying fly of a drone, and the spray of their shot killed the hostage. Match over.

Meanwhile, ACE RYAN decided he didn’t need any of that silly subterfuge. He won a down-to-the-wire match — in which everyone else on both teams was dead — by piloting a shock drone up to his one remaining opponent and electrocuting them to death.

So, let that be a lesson to you: Don’t underestimate drones, even though they’re small, easily squashed, and mostly just annoying. They will fuck your shit up.


  • It’s true. Drones are incredibly important to use properly/stop in their tracks depending on which side you are on.

  • I got my first shock drone kill on the weekend. The team said it couldn’t be done!

    I was so funny watching him spin around trying to hit me.

    • We always end up having one person on drone patrol in warm up 😛 They’re just such bastards in setup. Haven’t tried a shock drone yet. Which operator can take them again?

      • How many games modes, operators and maps are the in the final game?
        I played two different Betas and while fun, I never felt there was enough content to justify buying the full game.

        • Geez I don’t even know right now… There’s roughly 4-5 operators per group and 5 groups so you’re talking 20 or so (10 on each side). As for maps I believe it’s 10 currently.

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