This Pokemon Fan’s Buying ‘Em All

This Pokemon Fan’s Buying ‘Em All

Briefly: Dude, you bought too much Pokemon stuff. Spotted in Osaka by Twitter user Toraneko.

Top image: Toraneko


    • A part of me thinks he’s a re-re-re-re-tailer (Gotta love those capitalist pigs).

      A part of me thinks he’s giving them away as gifts for a Christmas charity.

      A part of me expects a picture of him on the internet, swimming through a sea of Pokemon paraphernalia, with a smile on his face that his parents denied him as a child.

  • Why do you always judge people @brianashcraft??? WHAT IF HE’S DONATING IT TO AN ORPHANAGE? Feel like a bastard now? You should *shakes head*

  • If I were to buy this many things in-store, I’d probably ring up the manager and organise my purchase list and transport for deliverance. I wouldn’t line up at the counter…

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