Elite: Dangerous Expansion Will Let You Explore Planets

Video: Elite: Dangerous will let players to roam planets in the Horizons update on December 15. It's coming to PC first, but will arrive on the Xbox One down the line. The game's coming to PS4 eventually, too. The expansion is pricey: $US60 ($83) for new players (base game + expansion), $US45 ($62) if you already own the game.


    Price for people who already own the game should be <$30 IMO.

    $60+ just for that is a rip off

      What the article fails to mention is this price covers a years worth of content updates and addons. It's notfor just one piece of DLC..

        Why that is true, you also have to factor in that they will keep putting content out like this, and there for, its actually going to be cheaper to wait for 2 or 3 of theses, I think there calling them chapters or something, than paying almost full price again for the game.

          Knowing Braben it will probably cost $80 per chapter as an in-expansion purchase.
          Bought the original non-steam version and I love it . However the move to make landing on planets a pricey expansion (something that you could already do in previous elite games) is just ridiculous. I think they should focus on the Elite Dangerous client first to get that working properly and open more servers so you won't have to wait 4 days for your download to arrive from England via shitty connections. I'd gladly buy this expansion if it was maybe $20

            This is a conversation I imagine will happen in a few years at Frontier -

            Accountant - "You're running out of money, no one's buying yearly expansions for the game, some modelling sales did points towards the cost vs a new game".
            DB - "Well, the people who pay us for in game paint jobs for ships in a full prices game seemed to pony up for a lifetime expansion buy-in, how can we milk them again"?
            Accountant - "Well, it's not like you can ask them to pay for more expansions".
            DB - "What if we stopped calling expansions 'Seasons' and started calling them, say, 'Saga Chapters"?
            Accountant - "That's more of a question for Marketing and Legal".
            DB - "Cool we'll do that then".

    I understand the steep price given that it's a smaller company and a "season" of expansions... but for me? As much as I love E:D I just think it priced itself out of my market, especially in AUD ($70+)

    fucking epic, il be paying full price sir, love the game

    For everyone that doesn't enjoy the price tag just wait til the Steam sales YAY! Everyone wins.

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