Though Daigo Was Defeated, He Pulled Off The Coolest Capcom Cup Moment

Though Daigo Was Defeated, He Pulled Off The Coolest Capcom Cup Moment

Video: Daigo Umehara did not win the 2015 Capcom Cup. That’s OK. He won the hearts of fighting game fans once again with another spectacular comeback.

Kazunoko, playing as Yun, dominated the tournament, taking the top spot and willing the $US120,000 prize. His fellow countryman, Daigo, playing as Evil Ryu, came in second, winning $US60,000. Congrats to both.

But as brilliantly as Kazunoko played, Daigo’s comback in an earlier match (above) against Infiltration as Chun-Li is, as Event Hubs points out, going to be the one people talk about years from now.

In case you missed it, here are the results of the tournament.

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  • Hey I’m pretty sure this has been raised before (possibly in a coverage of Starcraft tourneys) but…
    I haven’t watched the conclusion of Capcom cup and I consider the title a major spoiler…

    By all means spoil it in the article because I would have avoided reading it. But why why why do you have to have it in the title?? 🙁

    • It has been mentioned before, time and time again, and these guys just never learn.

      Start giving a shit guys. There are so many ways the article could be highlighted and covered without spoilers. Headline spoilers are the absolute worst too.

      What gets me is that Daigo losing the tournament had nothing to do with the comeback video (which I think was nowhere near as amazing as the comeback he’s really known for).

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