Exploring The Real Memories Of Unravel

Exploring The Real Memories Of Unravel

The something gorgeously sincere about Unravel and when we get excited about this video game, that’s what we’re responding to I think: its sincerity.

This new footage has done nothing to sway me from my gut feeling: this could be one of the most interesting video games of 2016.

If you’ve been following the story of Unravel, you will most likely be familiar with some of the footage shown in this video — the origin of Unravel’s initial design, the goals of the developers — but there are aspects of the game I hadn’t noticed before. Mainly the integration of ‘memories’ into the level design. It looks absolutely fascinating.

As it says in the video, Unravel is about the ordinary. Unravel is about highlighting what is beautiful in the ordinary.

Unravel comes out February 16.


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