Fallout 4 As Captured By Dead End Thrills Is Phenomenal

Fallout 4 As Captured By Dead End Thrills Is Phenomenal

When I think of 2015’s best looking games I think back to the games that held up the best technologically, but those that also had a presence so striking that I can’t help but remember them. The way the light peered through the trees as the wind raged in The Witcher 3 was one of them. The dark, Victorian London-esque environments of Bloodborne have still stayed with me. And the presentation of Battlefront … it’s superb.

Fallout 4 is beautiful for other reasons. That was, of course, until Dead End Thrills got their hands on the game. Now it’s just straight out beautiful.

Image courtesy of Dead End Thrills

We’ve covered the exceptional work of the Dead End Thrills site and the screenshotting community before, and it would be remiss not to do so again considering the stellar work they’ve done with Bethesda’s latest RPG.

The galleries are split into two categories: the standard repository for colourful grabs of all shapes and sizes, and a special Walkabout series that captures the apocalyptic wasteland in all its monochromatic glory.


You can view many more gorgeous colour shots in the main Fallout 4 gallery, or the monochromatic gallery. The rest of DET’s fantastic galleries are definitely worth your time as well, especially the games that were traditionally panned by fans and critics alike.


  • Damn thanks Alex. Monochromatic all the way for me. It’s like looking at abandoned homes/towns from the 50s.

    • That last shot as well reminds me of the one I took in ArmA 3 when I did the downsampling guide ages ago. I just couldn’t go past how similar it was (besides being monochromatic, of course).

      • Meanwhile I’m trying to ween myself off FO4 because of hobby commitments (need to get my toy soldiers in order for CanCon and have 2 free weekends between now and then…) and you just keep PULLING ME BACK 😛

  • After this I might just turn the colour off and play fallout in mono. Will be an interesting twist.

    • Huh. I wonder if someone will come out with a mod like that. Monochrome except for the blood, kinda Mad World’ish.

  • Is DET more than just the one guy these days? I remember it was just a single british guy that started it up, with a seperate section for fan submitted images.

  • The colour ones in this article don’t look particularly different to the default experience. Are there before/after shots on the site anywhere that show the pre-retouching shots? Just curious what changes he’s made, if any.

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