Fallout 4 Is At Its Best When It’s A Horror Game

Fallout 4 Is At Its Best When It’s A Horror Game

Briefly: At least, that’s what our esteemed overseas colleagues at Kotaku UK say in their most recent feature (and we can certainly attest to how terrifying Salem is in-game). Head over here to take a look.


  • i have 210 hrs in fallout 4 on steam and i bloody love the game, though it really does feel like fallout 3 updated for new consoles, obviously adding in lots of new stuff that they have learn from obsidan and modders and even skyrim (better implemtation of radiant quests) and i just cant wait for obsidan to the next west coast game (east coast fallout and west coast fallout so different in tone and setting) hell i could see inxile and obsidian teaming up to do it seeing as chris avolone is now at inxile

    • Not only Avellone, but inXile is Brian Fargo’s baby and with Feargus Urquhart at Obsidian it’d make a potent trio.

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