Fallout 4 Is At Its Best When It's A Horror Game


    Can't the article from there just be republished here?

      Isn't that what they do with most of their other international content?

        Yup, so really wondering why it didn't happen with this one.

          Heh ironically they seem to have updated this post just to add another link....

    i find it's at it's best when it's a post apocalyptic survival game.

      Just like your name sakes coaching career then

    i have 210 hrs in fallout 4 on steam and i bloody love the game, though it really does feel like fallout 3 updated for new consoles, obviously adding in lots of new stuff that they have learn from obsidan and modders and even skyrim (better implemtation of radiant quests) and i just cant wait for obsidan to the next west coast game (east coast fallout and west coast fallout so different in tone and setting) hell i could see inxile and obsidian teaming up to do it seeing as chris avolone is now at inxile

      Not only Avellone, but inXile is Brian Fargo's baby and with Feargus Urquhart at Obsidian it'd make a potent trio.

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