Fallout 4 ‘House’ Is More Like A Giant Citadel

Fallout 4 ‘House’ Is More Like A Giant Citadel

If you’re proud of your little wooden shack with a turret or two and a landscape painting, you might not want to take a look at this.

SeraphinFoad’s Fusion Core Fortress is nothing short of a stronghold, a bulwark of steel and concrete to shield his junk and person from the terrors of the wastelands.

Like an actual castle, it’s ringed by giant walls, made of “heavy concrete blocks, topped with metal walls and parapets”.

Inside, there are three main structures. There’s a “bazaar” (above) full of merchants, so SeraphinFoad never has to leave home to stock up. There’s a large barracks to house settlers. And in the middle, there’s a giant power core, which is also home to a very nice collection of Power Armour (below).

Oh, and encircling the entire thing (and pointing down almost every access point) are a battery of turrets and missile emplacements.

The fortress was made on PC, but SeraphinFoad says the only cheats he used were removing the HUD for screenshots and getting himself unstuck from his water pumps while taking said screenshots.

For those curious, he built it at Murkwater Construction Site.


  • This is a great example of what you can do with the settlement building system. I guess its kind of like Minecraft, a lot of people will build a dirt house but there those who show its possibilities by building massive ornate cathedrals.

    The only problem I had in building settlements was placing objects how I want them to be placed, without pieces automatically snapping together. The snap feature is nice, but without the freedom to move around it can cause really annoying gaps, if the land is not completely flat.


  • only 2 console commands and a MOD that allows for unlimited Settlement Objects. which is whats stopping me from building a bigger settlement at the moment. PS4

  • With all these fantastical ‘settlements’ people have made, have they actually worked well against the random attacks by raiders, etc?
    I havent been attacked yet (that Im aware of), but for a friend, he had synths appearing well within Sanctuary, rendering the defenses he had at the bridge worthless

    • So…. get rid of the defenses at the bridge then… Thank you 😉

      I’m like 11 hours in – havent had nearly enough time to get into it let alone imagine building these big arse settlements! My fortress is just steel walls and a bed… Oh and a few nice pictures around the place…

    • I have a wall all around some houses at the middle back of sanctuary and there are turrets covering inside as well as out. There is a kind of a thin walled section leading to the house next the the bridge, which is covered in turrets and a watch post – so that covers the bridge. Lots of turrets, no problems there.

      Many of my sub settlements involve towers built on top of the huts. They have turrets around level 2 or 3 and beds above that. The settlement with all the road signs that is under the freeway – I have a 3×3 tower going all the way to the top so you can step off the roof onto the otherwise inaccessible freeway section. There is a wooden hut with the generators up there and the cooking, chairs area is up there as well. So the power is well protected and the long range rifles I gave the settlers will come in handy if they are up high.

      Some have unique features and buildings, though – so I try to use those as much as possible. The one in the alley has gangways and beds and everything up high so there is dirt for farming.

      I have found with the turrets is that once an enemy is spotted they all seem to turn and be aware of it. This means it is good to try to ensure that multiple turrets can see any spot and it seems like the direction they cover only really affects whether they spot an enemy. So an outward turret can shoot inside as well if you place it right.

      • Ahhh right – i was wondering if the more I leveled up and selected certain perks that I would get access to better items… now i have to hunt more for those magazines!

  • Man I just kinda want to quest so have taken to making small settlements with everything bunched in and then surrounded by turrets. My guys at red rocket truck stop took care of some mutants last night I was proud haha

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