Fallout 4’s Trashcan Carla Is Basically Ronda Rousey

Fallout 4’s Trashcan Carla Is Basically Ronda Rousey

Video: Holy shit. The traders in Fallout 4 are no joke, apparently.

The GIF above comes from this excellent moment captured by RandomNameHere. You may know Trashcan Carla as one of the sketchy wandering traders in Fallout 4, but now you’ll associate her with arse-kicking, too.

The leading GIF might have the bulk of the hilarious scene, but you really should watch the video, too. What she says is just as amazing as what she does. Damn, Carla!


  • Yeah….about Trashcan Carla… I held her up for a couple hundred? caps and couldnt trade with her afterwards (what did I expect??) proceeded to practice my headshots against her and found the remorse for *another* random kill in the Commonwealth rather lacking.
    Theres no consequences for taking out half the population in the world, which is a shame. I love you Fallout, but this latest rendition is like the derpy cousin at the Christmas lunch; tolerated but not invited to play.

    • If you do the sarcastic option when you meet her she gives you a permanent discount and she sells base materials.

      I always thought she was one of the more useful NPCs in the game :p

      • Reeeeallly @piratepete?
        Thanks mate! I’ll give that a shot this arv after I restart

    • You seem to be taking the thread where people expressed their OPINION that the game wasn’t perfect quite personally.

      Were you on the dev team or something?

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