Fallout Fan 3D Prints A Mini Nuke

Fallout Fan 3D Prints A Mini Nuke

Dayshot: Mini nukes sure look a lot more high-tech on the inside.

Valcrow of the 3D printing blog Redicubricks dug the fact that Bethesda’s Fallout Anthology came with a mini nuke case, but they weren’t interested in playing the older games. So, of course, they did what any other sane person would and decided to print their own mini nuke, complete with guts.

While the insides are pretty clean, the mini nuke’s shell has that familiar Fallout-y wear and tear — something they achieved with a combination of acrylic paint, masking fluid for the rusty bits, and lacquer paint for the metally bits.

There are more photos and one video below.

Dayshot showcases some of the prettiest, funniest game-related screenshots and art that we can find.


  • Very cool, would love to have this on my paraphernalia shelf.

    *puts on physicist glasses, pushes up bridge of nose* Minor nitpick though, the mini nukes in Fallout are implosion type, modelled after Fat Man. The shape of the explosive charges and urchin matches the implosion method but the model seems to use a gun-type initiator (similar to Little Boy). The gun-type initiator isn’t compatible with the implosion-type design. Glaven.

    • So…will these be how isis three dee prints their own nukes or can we look forward to someone flogging them a bunch of duds.

      “I can’t prove its real without dropping it on your village so pay up; and if an American tank shows up, hit the end with a hammer.”

    • I was going to raise the same point, it has a gun type explosive, but still has what would be the beryllium focusing shapes in there, that are part of an implosion type weapon. While it looks cool, it would annoy me every time I looked at it…

  • That is just brilliant weathering technique It does a great job of covering the sedimentary-like layers that are an issue with 3D printing — bravo!

    • Haha, I thought the exact same thing.

      They bring in a panel of experts, one is a democrat who talks about big corporation conspiracy theories, one is a republican who uses fear tactics and is self-promoting their book, and the last person is a single mother who gives everyone sass for not censoring it earlier and blames 3D printing for racism and child obesity.

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