Far Cry Primal's Gonna Get Pretty Raw

Far Cry Primal's Gonna Get Pretty Raw

We've already seen that the main guy in Far Cry Primal will be pretty chill with animals, taming and commanding them after suppressing their whole eat-the-human instinct. But lead character Takkar will have some gnarlier interactions with his fellow humans. As in "ears cut off and kept as trophies". According to the game's ESRB listing, at least some of the action in Primal will be in line with expectations:

Players use arrows, spears, and clubs to kill enemies in frenetic combat. Some sequences require stealth kills in which enemies are stabbed in the head or slashed close-up.

But there's more barbarian-style savagery in the game, too:

One cutscene depicts a character being held in a fire while screaming; another depicts Takkar tapping a hole in another character's skull as the man screams. Some scenes depict corpses in various states of mutilation: heads and torsos on spikes; ears cut off and kept as trophies; headless bodies lying in pools of blood. Certain scenes or camera angles can depict male genitalia under garments or in shadows; some female characters are depicted topless.

Far Cry games have always had characters that get in touch with their baser instincts and it stands to reason that a prehistoric spinoff would lean harder on that theme. It will be interesting to see just how feral the proceedings will get.


    Well, we can forget about this being available in Australia, it will never get past the censor!

      They can just put Koalas on the screen to block the content right?

      It has been rated MA15+ in Australia. The info is public, can be seen here: http://www.classification.gov.au/Pages/View.aspx?sid=E86G9Pkq6NXPd73ZdscnDg%253d%253d&ncdctx=045pcNnoBtjCCTAFQiaXZkVODnxoakF2BvgQAtZ80sPnFisvGzKrxTNaA6aKhvkX

      If only people would start learning what gets a game banned...

    Anyone know if corpse mutilation is still banned in video games for Australia?? I know it use to be an issue.....

      Depends on the context of the game, but moreso who's at work that day ;)

    I keep hoping every day ubisoft will go..... Gotcha! you didn't think we'd make a far cry looking this boring and one trick did you? stay tuned for far cry 5....

    It has blood? BAN THE FUCK OUT OF IT.
    the world views our people as so hardcore, yet when it comes to games; our rating system so pathetic it actually makes me ashamed on behalf of our whole country.

    I think we missed the most important thing here - We get to see some dicks!

    Male nudity is not often seen in games. I feel my sex is under represented in that regard.

      In a big budget studio game, that's actually quite significant tbh

      The next frontier in games - acknowledging the underrepresentation of dongs.

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