Fast Racing Neo, The Wii U's Version Of Wipeout, Launches Next Week

If you're like me and you've been pining for another Wipeout game, or you've simply been hoping that there would be more games worth buying on the Wii U outside of the few major releases, then I have some good news.

Xenoblade Chronicles X isn't the only thing this month that might catch your fancy. Fast Racing Neo's coming out next week, and it absolutely demands your attention.

Now if you're one of those people who have scoffed at the Wipeout series and been hankering for a follow up to F-Zero GX, I'm sorry. You're not getting one. If you were it would have happened already. Probably.

What we do have, however, is a very pretty, very fast racer running at 60fps that should be a nice complement to anyone's Wii U library. Here's a trailer to remind you of why you should care:

Nintendo's confirmed with me that Fast Racing Neo will become available on the eShop for $22.49 (NZ$24.49 for our New Zealand cousins) on December 11. That's not a bad time to launch, with North America getting access to Devil's Third around the same time and everyone having about a week or so to parse through Xenoblade Chronicles X.

It's been a good 18 months for the Wii U. How do you feel about the state of the console?


    To be honest, when I first heard about / saw fast racing neo, I got somewhat aroused...
    Looks like it should be a nice homage to Wipeout, with a whole lotta shiney...

    Surprised to see all the Wipeout comparisons, instead of F-Zero like everyone else seems to do.

    Which I agree with, it does seem more Wipeout to me than F-Zero.

    Now if you’re one of those people who have scoffed at the Wipeout series and been hankering for a follow up to F-Zero GX, I’m sorry. You’re not getting one.I do happen to be one of these guys however, so I'll just sit here and huff :P

      Maybe Nintendo will see the light if this game sells well?

        One could only hope.

        Not that I expect it to happen, dunno that the previous entry exactly set the world on fire. But hey, Rocket League went nuts so who knows.

    Wipeout 3 was leagues ahead of f-zero.

    I think you summed up the wiiU perfectly. It has some of the best games released over the last few years. unfortunately there is literally nothing surrounding them. I think I have about 8 games for the console and it's 3 years old now... epic games, but that is all. Not enough to keep my interest all year round

    How is it like Wipeout when it has no weapons or anything? Isn't that more of an F-Zero thing, to be strictly a racing game?

      It fits in between. F-Zero had all the NPC racers on the track along with the opponents, whereas Wipeout had just the racers and the powerups, so on and so forth.

    Looks like a great spiritual successor to wipeout. Haven't played wipeout since the PSP version, and won't buy this becausr no Wii U, but props to the devs for making this. Nintendo mist have given them a good deal to go exclusive.

    I'm not one to care about graphics but considering this is a Wii U game, this looks amazing.

    Also word is that this is four player split screen. F-Zero GX was awesome four player, so here's hoping this holds up as well.

    Been waiting a long time for this i wish there was a retail release

    Nope, Shin'En just always develops for Nintendo stuff anyway. The only non-Nintendo game they've ever made was a port of another Wii U game of theirs to the PS4, and it stripped down quite a few features compared to the Wii U version anyway.

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