First Look At The New Japanese Godzilla Movie Is Shaky As Hell

First Look at the New Japanese Godzilla Movie Is Shaky as Hell

As Kotaku previously reported, Toho Studios is making a new Godzilla movie. It will be the first time for the country to do so in twelve years. Now, we get a first look at...shaky camera footage.

Below is a teaser for the clip, which is due out next winter. This is filmed documentary style, and it does look like this will be a grittier Japanese Godzilla movie.

Hideaki Anno, creator of Neon Genesis Evangelion, wrote the picture and is its "chief director". If you've seen his other live-action film, the terrific Love & Pop, you'll know that he can set up some truly interesting shots. While it's hard to tell what's going on in this teaser, and that's probably the point, I don't expect this to be your typical Japanese Godzilla movie. We'll find out next year when the movie is released on July 29.

First Look at the New Japanese Godzilla Movie Is Shaky as Hell

The poster reads, "Nippon versus Godzilla." In Japanese, the movie's title is Shin Gojira or "New Godzilla".


    That look Godzilla is giving is like he's trying to say "I HEARD YOU WERE TALKING SHIT"

    Will always love Anno, for his masterpiece that is NGE, never ever ever gets old for me!

    Just got the collection can't wait to see this

    Meanwhile, Godzilla is pulling a face like his dog just threw up half a mouse.

    It's inspiring that the producers are supporting Parkinson's sufferers by hiring them for cameraman roles.

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