Five Cool Hidden Dialogues In Hearthstone's League Of Explorers

Five Cool Hidden Dialogues In Hearthstone's League of Explorers

It's not a Blizzard game without all the hidden things, and Hearthstone's third adventure is no exception.

YouTuber DisguisedToast collected some of the dialogue between the characters that only occurs when certain conditions are met.


  1. Brann greets his brother, Magni

  2. Giantfin greets old Murk-Eye

  3. Rafaam and Magma Rager

  4. Rafaam faces a full golden deck

  5. Funny dialogues from minions


    I made a shitty deck for Rafaam to steal after getting owned by my own deck first go. I put magma rager in there as an easy to kill one shot, any was pleasantly surprised by the commentry :)

      Turns out, I'm preeeeetty good at crafting shitty decks! Much better than at making competitive decks, it would seem.

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