Getting Started With Devilian, The Mildly Awkward Diablo-Style MMO

Getting Started With Devilian, The Mildly Awkward Diablo-Style MMO

There are four character classes in Trion Worlds’ Diablo-style MMO Devilian, launching next week — busty woman, stout man, Dante from Devil May Cry and uncomfortably young-looking girl with a gun.

Their official names are Evoker…


Shadowhunter but secretly Dante…

and uncomfortably young-looking Cannoneer.

Having dabbled with all four classes now, I regret to inform you that the one I enjoy playing the most is…well, you see where this is going.

Ranged attacks, massive explosions, area-of-effect chaos — the Cannoneer is the bomb in combat. I just wish she were taller. And didn’t skip about merrily. Could we get her some jeans?

Yes, that’s a pet corgi.

It’s probably a South Korean thing. Specifically a South Korean developer called Bluehole Ginno thing, because Bluehole is also responsible for En Masse’s MMO TERA, which features an entire race of little girls with ears and tails.

Once you get over the initial awkward, Devilian has a lot going for it. It has lovely mouse-based action role-playing combat, an expansive world that’s easy to navigate thanks to Autorun command that paths your character directly to their quest objective. I hear the PVP is lovely. Plus Devilian is fun to say in a dramatic voice.

Check out the character creation and the opening quest sequence in the video below, where I say the name in a dramatic voice at least five times.

Pretty entertaining, and I’ve not even gotten to the point where my character assumes her demonic form and lays waste to any who would dare raise a hand against her.

See? Now that’s adorable. Why can’t she look like that all the time?

The free-to-play Devilian is currently in open beta, with sign-ups at its official website. Beta ends tomorrow evening with the final server wipe, and then the game’s headstart for players who’ve purchased a founder’s pack sort of thing kicks off this coming Tuesday, with the wide launch on Thursday, December 10.


  • Its only awkward if you are sexually attracted to such characters; for every one else… its a character class.

    • It’s also awkward for people who realise that other people find sexualised children attractive. :/

      That said, this one is actually fairly tame.

      • It isnt like there is an excess of skin shown or anything. If this floats your boat you probably need to do yourself the hassle of getting a real partner.

        • I dunno, I think purposefully using jailbait style characters is a bit awkward in general but maybe that’s just me. And the author. And mic.

    • With all the asset reuse, I don’t know why they didn’t just develop and title it as a Tera spinoff (it’s the same dev studio after all). I think that would’ve made it a lot more pallatable :/

  • The game itself was rather lame. Just had that typical Korean feel that most of them do but trying to do a decent Diablo game as well as an mmo. And failing at both imo. Shame as well as I was quite looking forward to it.

  • If all you’re looking for is mild entertainment where you don’t have to use your brain very much, this is it. It’s basically a top-down version of TERA – the gameplay is very, very similar. Lots of questing and multiplayer dungeoning. Thankfully, it’s also pay to convenience, not pay to win. So if you like TERA (a lightweight GW2 clone), you’ll probably enjoy this.

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