Gift Guide 2015: Geek Apparel

Gift Guide 2015: Geek Apparel

Geek is chic now, it’s a well-known fact. With cosplay on the rise and geeky franchises entering the mainstream, there are more stylish options for you to show off your power level than ever before. Even if you live in t-shirts and shorts yourself, I’m here to help you find the perfect gift for the fashionable geek in your life.

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All prices have been converted to AUD for you, but shipping isn’t included — make sure you check out the rates before you commit to buy anything. Most places will offer rush shipping at this time of year, but it’s up to you to be sure that anything you buy will arrive in time for Christmas.

Look Human Nerdy Gym Tees, $27.50

Gift Guide 2015: Geek Apparel
Gift Guide 2015: Geek Apparel
Gift Guide 2015: Geek Apparel

Staying on the on the treadmill for that extra few minutes is so much easier when you can imagine you’re in a survival horror game. Those extra squats you really don’t want to do? Just building EXP so you can gain another level in strength. These cute gym tanks from Look Human help you channel your favourite video game characters on your most unmotivated trips to the gym, with a huge choice in fandoms being represented. Plus, they might even help convince the public that gamers do actually leave their basements on a regular basis.

Crusader Shorts, $61.00

Gift Guide 2015: Geek Apparel

Throw away those boring briefs — these printed chainmail hotpants are the only underpants you’ll need from now on. They’re also unisex, which means they’re great for the warriors in your life whether they’re male or female. With summer sneaking up on us, Mitmunk’s chainmail shorts could make a great alternative to your plain old budgie smugglers, or just a cheeky addition to your warm-weather wardrobe.

If you’re after chainmail with a bit more coverage, then Mitmunk also sells the full length Jeanne leggings for $110.

Zelda Cosplay Skater, $79.00

Gift Guide 2015: Geek Apparel
Gift Guide 2015: Geek Apparel
Gift Guide 2015: Geek Apparel

Half cosplay, half fashion statement, this skater — which is the term for a flattering kind of dress with a fit bodice and a flared skirt, for those not in the know — is perfect for the princess in your life. Those of us who are addicted to cosplay just can’t help but bring a bit of that style into our everyday clothing. These cosplay styled skaters are becoming more popular — whether it’s for hanging out on the expo floor at PAX or for a night out with fellow nerds, there’s always a perfect way to style it. For those who are less fond of pink and more keen on swords, there’s also a Link version.

Retro Sci-Fi Jewellery, $33.50-$52.00

Gift Guide 2015: Geek Apparel

From the old-school retro ray guns and cute spaceships to pop style planets, all made in layers of wood and acrylic. Sugar & Vice’s jewellery is great for those friends of yours who are more excited about the ISS than NASA itself is. If you’re buying for someone who doesn’t wear necklaces, one of the planets also comes as a ring, earrings or a brooch.

Leather Belt With Pouches, $126.80

Gift Guide 2015: Geek Apparel

Channel your inner elf or maybe your favourite fantasy adventurer with one of AryaClothing’s leather belts, featuring four leaf-shaped pouches to keep all of your loot in. Honestly, Leaf 4 Pockets Belt (Dark Brown) – Fanny Pack Hip Bag Goa Bohemian Hippie Gypsy Festival Adjustable Psytrance Tribal Boho Utility is a bit of a mouthful, but I’m not quite sure what to call one of these. A ye olde utility belt?

Minecraft Creeper Backpack, $55.50

Gift Guide 2015: Geek Apparel

Put all your stuff in this Minecraft Creeper backpack — if you dare. It’s the perfect gift to get your kid all excited for going back to school once the holidays are over, or even for that grown-up friend who just can’t stop mining and crafting. Think Geek even has a handy laptop fitting guide for people who need something to put all their uni gear in.

Sith Cowl Neck Dress, $55.50

Gift Guide 2015: Geek Apparel

Every piece of clothing is improved by a hood. Search your feelings. You know it to be true. With Star Wars mania upon us, this is the perfect gift to enable your Dark Side leaning friends to show off their true alignment. This moody black dress comes with a huge cowl, which can be worn both loose around the neck or up as a hood to preserve your mysterious and evil nature. There’s also a Jedi version, but let’s admit it, the Sith dress is way cooler.

Zelda Song Rings, $71.22

Gift Guide 2015: Geek Apparel
Gift Guide 2015: Geek Apparel
Gift Guide 2015: Geek Apparel

Anyone who spent hours and hours playing Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask as a kid will find it hard to forget the button combinations that let Link play songs on the ocarina. Remember when you learned up, left, right, up, left, right and were able to call Epona to you whenever you wanted? Or when you found out that down, A, right, down, A, right would let you slow down time in Majora’s mask to give you precious extra hours? PeregrineStudios on Etsy wants to immortalise these moments, selling a series of rings with the iconic songs printed right onto them. Pick a song that means something to someone you love — but remember to get their ring size before you order!

That’s all for our gift guide this year — what stylish geek fashion will you be buying for your loved ones this Christmas? Let us know in the comments!

In partnership with the Toshiba Radius 12


  • Thanks, guys. As if I wasn’t broke enough as it is, now I need to buy all these things for myself. #dowant

  • That first picture of the zelda dress.. is it just me or does she have some gnarly pit hair going on…. Really pretty dress, though.
    Also.. the prices on the shorts? Woah.. They don’t even look that good.

    EDIT: False alarm! I think it’s her head hair just appearing in an awkward spot! haha.

    • You had to be looking really close to see that, wow!

      Also yeah Mitmunk gets pricey thanks to the exchange rate, but their stuff is the best quality of all the printed leggings I own (and I own a lot of them, trust me). The full leggings are probably a better deal but I couldn’t resist including chainmail hotpants.

      • haha the funny part is I actually wasn’t. I was actually looking at the dress and i noticed something contrasting to the blurred background that made me double take. One of those weird occurrences.
        One of my trademarks is spotting odd things, though. Not necessarily a good thing, though.
        To be fair, the whole idea of chain-mail hotpants is just amazing. haha
        Thanks for the write up 🙂

    • Also.. the prices on the shorts? Woah.. They don’t even look that good.
      Maybe they offer more protection than regular underpants?

  • I really wish there was something In the way of pants for geeky guys. I would wear the hell out of some of those amazing leggings if they weren’t super uncomfortable in the groin region – like the mass effect ones, or middle earth map. If anyone knows of anything like that, let me know! Sick of the whole “plain jeans and nerdy shirt” deal I seem to have sunk into haha. Guy’s gotta accessorise, you know?

  • Thought the chainmail gear was actually Monster Hunter undergarments. Another time when scrolling down was regrettable.

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