GOG’s Offering Giants: Citizen Kabuto Free For A Limited Time

GOG’s Offering Giants: Citizen Kabuto Free For A Limited Time

We may not be getting a modern revamp for the foreseeable future, but nothing can stop you from picking up the beautiful, original and very classic Giants: Citzen Kabuto from GOG for the price of free.

It’s not a permanent deal obviously — if you want to take advantage of it you’ll need to create a GOG account (if you don’t already have one) and make your “purchase” within the next 35 hours.

After that, the Planet Moon Studios title will be yours. Sure, it’s a little old looking, but there’s something about the art direction and colours that makes it timeless, in a way.

Actually, I think what I remember most about it was that it used “hardware transform and lighting”, back when I had no idea what those features specifically meant. It was almost as pants-wetting as Morrowind‘s pixel-shaded water.

GIANTS: CITIZEN KABUTO [GOG, via Rock, Paper Shotgun]


  • One of the best and strangest games I have ever played. Also remember if you changed something in an ‘ini’ file all the girls were nude.

  • Man, I was such an asshole in that game. As Kabuto in MP I used to grab the Sea Reapers and hurl them as far as possible out to sea, so they’d have to spend several minutes swimming back. It was hilarious every time.

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