Good Old Games Has An Awesome Sierra Adventure Game Bundle

Good Old Games Has An Awesome Sierra Adventure Game Bundle

Good Old Games is having a ‘winter’ sale, and kicked the whole thing off with an amazing Lucasarts bundle, featuring some of the best adventure games ever made.

Now they’re doing the same thing with old-school Sierra adventure games.

Look, I’m going to level with you here: in the great adventure game rivalry that was Sierra vs Lucasarts, I was always a Lucasarts guy. Therefore I think this sale just doesn’t top the sheer level of amazing that the Lucasarts bundle brought to the table.

It does a decent job of trying though…

It features…

— King’s Quest 1-9
— Quest For Glory 1-5
— Quest For Infamy

Really, for a sale like this to compete with the Lucasarts bundle, it needed more Space Quest and it needed a pinch of Police Quest. Still, well worth investigating.

This sale continues to be great. There’s also a Bullfrog sale running right now, which will delight those of us who were Amiga owners in a past life. That one features Theme Park, Theme Hospital, Populous, Syndicate and much more. Really cool sale.

On the front page there are a host of good deals, although many will look familiar. It’s sort of a roll call for games that are always on sale — like Hotline Miami, VVVVVV, Mark of the Ninja, Don’t Starve, etc. I’m almost surprised I didn’t see Braid and Super Meat Boy there.

Still you’ll probably find something you don’t already own on there. Have at it!


  • Interestingly the sale page tells me I don’t own any of the games despite the fact I definitely have KQ 1-6 and Quest for Glory 1-5. Possibly a quirk of the way they’re bundled. I do need KQ7 & 8 and I have no idea what Quest for Infamy is other than 60% off, but I think I’ll wait until I actually play some of the games I bought last time there was a sale. 😛

    • lolwut – you actually PLAY the stuff you buy in these sales?! You’re doing it wrong! These things are all about mindless accumulation, not actual enjoyment! 😛

  • QfG 1 was the game that really got me into adventure games. I liked abusing Erasmus and trying to fondle the centaur lady.

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