Good Old Games Has An Awesome Sierra Adventure Game Bundle

Good Old Games is having a 'winter' sale, and kicked the whole thing off with an amazing Lucasarts bundle, featuring some of the best adventure games ever made.

Now they're doing the same thing with old-school Sierra adventure games.

Look, I'm going to level with you here: in the great adventure game rivalry that was Sierra vs Lucasarts, I was always a Lucasarts guy. Therefore I think this sale just doesn't top the sheer level of amazing that the Lucasarts bundle brought to the table.

It does a decent job of trying though...

It features...

— King's Quest 1-9 — Quest For Glory 1-5 — Quest For Infamy

Really, for a sale like this to compete with the Lucasarts bundle, it needed more Space Quest and it needed a pinch of Police Quest. Still, well worth investigating.

This sale continues to be great. There's also a Bullfrog sale running right now, which will delight those of us who were Amiga owners in a past life. That one features Theme Park, Theme Hospital, Populous, Syndicate and much more. Really cool sale.

On the front page there are a host of good deals, although many will look familiar. It's sort of a roll call for games that are always on sale — like Hotline Miami, VVVVVV, Mark of the Ninja, Don't Starve, etc. I'm almost surprised I didn't see Braid and Super Meat Boy there.

Still you'll probably find something you don't already own on there. Have at it!


    Already got all of the old Sierra games. Great games.

    Interestingly the sale page tells me I don't own any of the games despite the fact I definitely have KQ 1-6 and Quest for Glory 1-5. Possibly a quirk of the way they're bundled. I do need KQ7 & 8 and I have no idea what Quest for Infamy is other than 60% off, but I think I'll wait until I actually play some of the games I bought last time there was a sale. :P

      lolwut - you actually PLAY the stuff you buy in these sales?! You're doing it wrong! These things are all about mindless accumulation, not actual enjoyment! :P

    Would be $15 well spent, but who has the time.

    PS QfG2 is rad :)

    QfG 1 was the game that really got me into adventure games. I liked abusing Erasmus and trying to fondle the centaur lady.

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