Good Old Games Is Taking 75% Off Bethesda's Classic Games

If you ever wanted to pick up games like Morrowind, Quake or the original Fallout games for super cheap, now is the time.

Good Old Games and Bethesda is taking up to 75% off a large number of games in its current back catalogue.


— You can get the original Fallout for $3.49AU — Morrowind for $7.09AU — The original Quake for $3.49 — Wolfenstein 3D for $3.49

Not bad at all.


    This would be a much better sale if i didn't already own them all...damn it.

    Bethesda's Classic Games
    I see one Bethesda game, 2 ID games and one by Interplay. :P

    When will I get a HD reissue of Daikatana?

    Edit: How about getting SkyNET and Future Shock back on the market too

    Last edited 22/12/15 10:15 am

      Am I correct in the assumption that you are joking about a HD reissue of Diakatana? Otherwise known as Romero's Folly/John Remero Cant Make Games Anymore/The Punch Line of the Greatest Joke in 2000?

      Sorry but that was a terrible game...

    Don't forget, GOG has Biomenace free atm, might as well add it to your library!

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