Grim Fandango, Dragon Age: Origins Headline January’s PS Plus Lineup

Grim Fandango, Dragon Age: Origins Headline January’s PS Plus Lineup

Sony’s finally announced its PlayStation Plus lineup for next month, and it’s coming with some pretty great games.

Though these games are often touted as “free”, remember that PlayStation Plus is a subscription service that you pay for every month.

Here are the games coming next Tuesday:

PlayStation 4

  • Grim Fandango Remastered
  • Hardware: Rivals

PlayStation 3

  • Dragon Age: Origins
  • Medal of Honour Warfighter

PS Vita

  • Grim Fandango Remastered
  • Legends of War Patton
  • Nihilumbra


  • No “Legends of War” on the Australian PS store. I presume they’ll swap in another game for our region.

    Very glad to have Grim on the PS4. Also, Nihilumbra looks pretty intriguing. Will certainly check that out.

  • Whenevet i read the ps plus forum comments i have to leave quickly- the amount of entitled little whingers going on about “Whaaaaaa! Wheres my AAA game? Fuck you Sony” etc. really shits me. But sadly im almost agreeing with them these past 2 months. Yes fandango is great, but it would have been better if i hadnt played it what, a decade ago or so? And no i dont expect the latest AAA game for gratis (i know they are a business not a charity. Plus i dig the indy games they give us too) but i would like more than what they are serving up. I dont have a ps3 or vita so the past 2 months have been just 2 measly games for their flagship console per month where previously its been 4 or 5. I dont really play multiplayer much n I actually stump up the $ to aquire a huge library of quirky titles i wouldnt usually fork out for. But regardless of what you reason you pay a fee for ps plus, you gotta admit the quality and quantity of the monthly games are both waning.

    • I agree. I’ve really enjoyed walking dead season 2, limbo and rocket league but the ps3/vita ps plus games are heaps better and i keep fucking getting excited thinking they’re for ps4 before realizing i have some card game or average platformer.

    • Yeah there’s not much for me this month and I own all three systems! Just Grim but I figure for the price you pay getting 1 game you are really into is good enough. Still… I got my hopes up with it being the first one after Christmas! Thought they’d try to impress all the new people with Christmas consoles. And the rumours got my hopes up for Batman or dark souls. I was legitimately sad when I saw the list! The ps3 titles aren’t bad but I already own Dragon age. Nihilumbra is cute but it’s only $4.33 to buy it on Android, so that’s not super exciting. The war one we don’t even have in our store and playstation don’t seem to have even realised. No idea what will happen there.

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