Here Are The Best-Selling Games On Steam For 2015

The best-selling Steam games in Australia for 2015 are in! Based on the number of copies activated this year, here is the Top 25. (You can probably guess the top-ranked title, but some of the others are pretty surprising.)

The following list comes from Steam Spy and is based on the preliminary results for top selling games in the country. Granted, 2015 isn't over yet and Steam just kicked off another holiday sale — but it's a safe bet that the top ten isn't going to change much over the next couple of weeks.

The list on the right is the combined worldwide sales chart, while the list on the left is Australia only:

There are some eyebrow raising results here. We never would have guessed that Empire: Total War outsold Witcher 3, for instance. Fallout: New Vegas is also surprisingly high.

Bear in mind that these rankings are for unit sales, not revenue. The data also excludes the months January through to March. "I did my best to filter out giveaways and temporarily free games, but all lists here might contain some mistakes," Steam Spy cautions.

An updated version will be posted sometime in January following the Steam Winter Sale.

[Via Steam Spy]


    Do the Australian sales include keys sold on ozgameshop or Green Man Gaming and the like? If not I would suspect a lot of people buy through there rather than paying the Australia tax that Steam loves

      From Steam Spy: "Some copies might’ve been bought or acquired outside of Steam and significant share of those copies were bought at discount."

    see Kotaku, thats why i kept asking where the poll option for GTA V on PC was, but you didnt include it. and look right there - TOP 5. amateurs.

    Wierd that Skyrim makes No.8 worldwide, but in Australia Oblivion beat it out. Only recently got on the Elder Scrolls bandwagon, is there an explanation for this? Like, a GOTY Edition exclusive to Australia or something?

    use steamdb to see if it's the lowest dicsount.
    The steam sales are a sham.

    My surprise is reserved for Age of Empires II. That's still attracting new buyers? Amazing!

      it recieved a new expansion this year

    Why is it only Apirl to december and not January to December?

    Empire beating out Witcher 3 makes perfect sense when you remember most of its sales came through GoG

    From all the crazy fanfare it got, you'd think Undertale would be somewhere there.
    It's got a very vocal, very small fanbase.
    Edit: it looks like it made it to #11 in the US

    Last edited 23/12/15 6:42 pm

      Could be another one like Witcher 3, where it was available DRM-free elsewhere.

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