Here's A Pikachu Plush Toy For $500

Here's a Pikachu Plush Toy for $US360 ($491)

German toy maker Steiff is churning out a special, high-quality Pikachu plush at a special, high-quality price.

Cheaper than the Godzilla plush Steiff made last year, the Pikachu is priced at 45,000 yen ($497).

Steiff sold the world's first teddy bear and its master artisans craft all its plush toys by hand.

Here's a Pikachu Plush Toy for $US360 ($491)

[Image: Steiff | The Pokemon Company]

According to Kai-You, pre-orders for the Steiff Pikachu start today on Amazon Japan and the Goodsmile Online Shop, with the plush slated to get shipped next February.

Top images: Steiff | The Pokemon Company


    Steiff always makes me think of Hilary Kay. Wonder if you'll see one of these on the Antiques Roadshow in 80 years.

    "Well it IS a Steiff, but as someone's ripped his little button out of his ear he's worth about... £80."

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