League Of Legends Toxicity Starts In Champion Select

League Of Legends Toxicity Starts In Champion Select

Briefly: Here’s an interesting League of Legends statistic: Riot’s lead social systems designer Jeffrey “Lyte” Lin told Polygon in a story posted today that games that had a “role conflict or a position conflict in champion select” were 15 per cent more toxic “no matter what happened in the game itself”. Glad they’re addressing that!


    • It’s the beauty of having masses of data. Any significantly large game (like WoW) could easily do the same if they cared to sift the numbers.

      But yeah, that is quite an amazing stat, and there’d be a whole textbook of pyschology behind that that is pretty much that meme where the kid screams ‘stop liking what I don’t like’.

  • Same in HoT’s a lot of time. It seems leaving hero select in hero league has become the new norm. Last night I had three games abandoned during hero select in a row. I suspect it’s because the hero the wanted gets picked or something.

  • This is why I pretty much always call ‘fill’ in LoL games. To me, it’s not worth getting worked up about. I’d rather a cruisy game in a non-preferred position with little to no toxicity, than getting the spot I want and have people abusing me the entire game because they wanted my spot. It actually helped me find the role I am REALLY good at, which is support (because it’s the most common role you get when you call fill).

    Calling fill by the way, for those that don’t know, simply means you’re happy to play whatever position you are left with after everyone else scrambles over the others.

    • That being said, the new champion select looks amazing, and is something I’ve been making suggestions about since well before ‘team builder’.

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