Here’s One Way To Deal With China’s Air Pollution: Photoshops

Here’s One Way To Deal With China’s Air Pollution: Photoshops

Terrible air pollution is plaguing some parts of China, with local governments urging people to stay indoors. How to cope? What to do? Photoshop, that’s what.

Oh, and wear a mask. And don’t go outside if you don’t need to. But after that, Photoshop! Inside.

As The Nanfang points out, one Chinese net user ‘shopped in aliens and monsters, making the awful air quality even scarier.

[Image via Weibo]

[Image via Weibo]

[Image via Weibo]

[Image via Weibo]

The image below isn’t a Photoshop, but rather, a photo of women practicing dancing at a park in Chaoyang.

[Image: iFeng]

Here’s the Photoshop.

[Photo via Xinwen]

Oh dear.


    • Haha god that was a great (horrible, but great) ending.

      I saw it in the cinema. Normally when a movie ends and the credits start rolling, people start getting up and leaving, but not after The Mist. The whole audience just kind of sat there in stunned silence. Nobody moved until the credits had finished.

      • I also saw the mist at the cinema, Was in my teens at the time.
        I couldn’t help but laugh…Just a little bit… Everyone looked at me like I was dressed as Hitler punching a nun in the face.

    • Cars. Lots and lots of cars. And coal based power plants.

      This is all about how China has developed over the past 20 or so years, and what they did to get to where they are today. Moving from what was essentially a third world country to what it is today was always going to follow this sort of path. Urban development, industrial development, and pollution.

      As everyone got into buying cars, the easiest options were cars that looked like they came out of the 50’s and 60’s Eastern Europe market. And werent the cleanest vehicles out there. Add in they open something like 350 coal based power plants a year (yes, one a day), and theres a LOT of CO2 emissions being spewed out and causing pollution.

      If you look through how other countries have developed, its a fairly common path, the difference being theres well over 1 billion of em all polluting at once. The USA up until the late 80’s werent much better, just go back and look at the smog pictures of LA.

      • Add the factory spewing toxins into the air and water as well due to being the world manufacturing hub and you’ve also got a recipe for disaster

        The world loves their cheap electronics and gizmos – this is the side-effect of it.

        • That too. Thing that gets me is that this was predicted decades ago. The only reason its news is because a new generation (or two) arent aware of how countries develop over time.

          There was always going to be an over reliance on heavy industry, coal based power, and cars that wasnt there before. Its the most straightforward way third world countries stop being third world countries.

          Watch Robocop (the original, not the remake) and look at how they portray Detroit. Its a reflection of what it was like at the time and it didnt tell a pretty story.

          Hell, look at our own history with Newcastle and Wollongong, and what effect their steelworks had on the the areas up until the late 80’s. It was only after we got into the habit of being more environmentally aware that our industry got cleaner. China hasnt gotten to that point yet.

          • China got to that point a while ago, it was the almighty dollar and greed (sounds familiar for every country, right?) that let it get to this point

            Indonesia is another key example. In one breath they acknowledge their rainforests are important assets and they need to do everything possible to ensure their existence – setting up protection programs and introducing laws to prosecute environmental vandals, in the next breath they sell millions of hectares to Palm Oil production companies who have decided that instead of logging the forest to clear it, burning it down would be quicker and cheaper for them, causing the worst air pollution ever recorded in any country anywhere around the world, whose effects are being felt in Malaysia and Singapore too. What was the Indonesian’s government response to that? Silence.

          • Yeah, no argument here. Just annoys me a little that they expect these developing countries to magically do things better than what the normal powerhouses did things. It doesnt work that way, and is hypocritical.

            What it DOES mean is it should be faster for these countries to move from that dirty phase of development and into a cleaner phase. Australia, UK, USA took decades to do it, China, Indonesia, and India should be able to cut the time in half.

            But all of these countries are going to go through the same process we did. We’re talking about it today because of China, Indonesia, and India, as they are the biggest markets, but in a decade or two we’ll be having the same discussion in relation to Africa.

            A lot of African countries are getting to a similar stage to what SE Asia was like in the 70’s and 80’s economically, and it wont surprise me if they are rolling out a coal power plant every week or so in 2030.

            And you’ll here the same excuses. Pleas to save their “unique environment”, while doing deals to get as much industry and investment money they can.

          • where to after Africa? thats if the Earth doesnt commit suicide before then.
            bring back local manufacturing? could we sustain it, would it be good for our economy? i dont know, im not smart enough.

          • Good question. Personally, I expect how we do things will have moved on somewhat, and there will be a new cycle in play.

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