Here’s Your First Real Look At Far Cry Primal

Here’s Your First Real Look At Far Cry Primal

Prehistoric Far Cry is looking pretty damn good, I gotta say.

Judging from this trailer, it’s not surprising that they went with the “Primal” subtitle — the game looks visceral. We’re talking vicious bears, saber tooth tigers, and mammoths … all trying to rip your throat out. Damn.


  • Yeah terrible quality vid. And as much as I liked Far Cry 3 (and 4 for the most part), I can’t see this being a hit.

  • Is this all gaming has become? Churning out the same games over and over with a new number at the end?

    Kind of like assasin’s creed where they have no new ideas but to adjust the time period.

    • But…er…CAVEMEN! (ugg) …and…er…TIGERS! (rowr) …and…er…stuff.

      It’s just a business decision. Take an existing popular franchise, give it a lick of paint, and make sure it has enough spit and polish to keep people interested enough to turn a modest profit. AAA studios are unlikely to change that process in the perceivable future. Hollywood is much the same.

  • Ok I need to know one thing. Is this a game like Blood dragon? Or is this a fully fledged sequel? Not a bad thing either way really…

      • Cool to hear. I mean I quite liked the gameplay of 4, even if it was derivative of 3, (the story was pretty garbage). But I can easily see the gameplay being a LOT of fun in this setting.

        • And it would make the crafting system a bit more realistic, hunting to survive rather than wiping out a rare albino turtle species with a rocket launcher to a make a bum bag.

          • Yeah, that was my first thought, too.

            OK, bull-shark skin wallets to hold more money? Really? At least in primal times this makes actual sense.

  • I love Far Cry despite its many flaws. 3 and 4 were fun and I picked up 2 a few days ago which is good except for the malaria. But this looks like they’ve taken all the good bits out (rocket launchers, cars, shotguns, big booms). It looks a bit too much like the tiger in the shangri la sequences in FC4. My god, I find those dream sequences in FC are about as boring as gaming can be.

    I was hoping the game wouldn’t have any of the dull speeches ( does anyone remember the start to FC4 where you couldn’t do anything but listen to people rambling on for about 15 minutes?) but it looks like they’ve given these cavemen the ability to speak so we will probably have to listen more pretentious dialogue. I think I’ll pass on this one.

    • I think I have to agree with your first paragraph. Far Cry 4 was the first and only Far Cry game I have played and I had a blast with it because the range of vehicles and weapons. Piloting the gyrocopter thing while using the one-handed grenade launcher was great fun. Hurling grenades at an incoming truck convoy and then emptying clip after clip into them with an assault rifle was brilliant.

      My first thought about Primal was: How are they going to make it fun for more than just a novel few hours? Having beasts help you looks kind of interesting, but I can’t see it being enough to build a whole game around.

      I’ll keep a skeptical eye on this one….

  • This is a very creative game. I want more games like this! Enough with the Call Of Duty’s and the Destinys with generic J-RPG’s and MMO’s. I want more shadow of the colossus, more Okami. More unique, less of the norm. I know it’s hard for publishers to let go of that because their investors want guaranteed return. But I think the trend we are starting to see here, is that gamers no longer want AAA titles that are the same, over, and over, and over, and over. They want something different, and when I mean different, I don’t mean the same title with dual wielding. I mean a title with new dynamic content overall. I know that will cost money, take time, and be more risk. But original IP with original content that is fresh and has its own uniqUe angels, well, look at things like Star Citizen, Elite Dangerous, Pillars of Eternity,Divinity Original Sin, these are old school games reinvented, with new fresh ideas that are so far outside the box that if you pitched them to a publisher, in my professional opinion, they would laugh at you while walking out the door, and I have seen it done before! But now, rouge developers, now known more formal as indie developers, are laughing at publishers that offer them the big bucks to take their project. I never thought I would see the day in my professional career that something like this would flip so fas and so radical. that said, I also think it’s going to far out of control. But that’s another side of the coin.

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