Hey, World Of Warcraft: Legion, These Two Look Familiar

Hey, World Of Warcraft: Legion, These Two Look Familiar

Briefly: Dalaran’s flower vendor Aertih (who’s absolutely not a reference to that other flower vendor in Final Fantasy VII) will get similarly familiar-looking friend in World of Warcraft: Legion, as spotted by Wowhead.

His sword might be a bit small and his hair’s not spiky, but it’s hard not to recognise Cloud. Finally, all those blood elf characters with names like “Séphiröth” or “Sephírőth” will have a familiar spot where they can relax.


    • Holy sh*t that trailer finally shows the battle mechanics and I’m so disappointed… Remake looks nice but damn don’t want crisis core looking battles… I hate it.

      • Combat needs a revision to appeal in younger audience. It would be a pity to keep mechanics used 20 and 30 years ago in jrpgs just for the “old-shake”. I remember back then players were complaining for the Materia system.

        Barret looks bad-ass!

  • But there’s already a hair choice for Blood Elves that’s far closer to Clouds hair than that one. Why didn’t they go with that?

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