How Stars Wars Mobile Games Are Celebrating The Force Awakens

How Stars Wars Mobile Games Are Celebrating The Force Awakens

Battlefront has its Jakku maps, Disney Infinity 3.0 has its movie adventure, but about the platform with more current Star Wars games than any other? Here’s how the mobile side of Star Wars gaming is celebrating the release of Episode VII.

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

EA’s collectible character role-playing game was custom-built for quickly adding fresh content based on new Star Wars stuff. Players old and new logging into the game I’ve been playing obsessively since launch will be greeted with a pair of free characters based on their platform.

iOS players will score Poe Dameron and a First Order Stormtrooper.

Note that I play on iOS, and almost had the First Order Stormtrooper unlocked already when the update went live.

Meanwhile, on Android, players score both the shiny Captain Phasma and the Resistance Trooper, the latter of which iOS players already got for free as part of the game’s launch promotion.

Six additional characters from the new movie have been added to the game, to be procured in various ways, most involving either tons of money or tons of patience. These include Rey, Resistance Pilot, Finn, Kylo Ren (who is currently being doled out on iOS at the rate of one shard a day), First Order Officer and First Order TIE Pilot (also December’s daily login reward on iOS.)

I really enjoy the game. Once I got used to jumping in, completing my daily tasks and getting out again, it quickly became part of my daily routine. I even dropped a few bucks on stuff to show the folks that worked on it a little love.

Star Wars Commander

The Clash of Clans clone that is Star Wars Commander gets a new planet and some new troops inspired by The Force Awakens. The planet is Takodana, which sounds like the tastiest planet ever.Plus they have got that cool-looking walking box thing created to show off the movie’s practical effects. At least I think that’s why it was created.

Star Wars: Card Trader

Is trading virtual collectible cards a game? I don’t know, is the stock market a game? To some it is. And raking in a ton of money for selling virtual cards is certainly fun for Topps.

The release of The Force Awakens heralds a slew of fresh virtual art for players to haggle over, from weapon pics to movie scenes to cool concept work.

Star Wars: Force Collection

Not to be confused with card trader, in Konami’s Force Collection the collectible cards actually fight the numbers on other collectible cards. It’s all very statsy.

Guess what? New cards!

A series of cards from the new film has appeared in the game, including a 5-star (highest tier) BB-8 card that’s free to everyone who logs in for a limited time.

  • 5-star: Rey, Kylo Ren, BB-8
  • 4-star: Finn, Captain Phasma
  • 3-star: Resistance Soldier, Stormtrooper

The game has also added a new max upgrade level for Force Awakens cards called, appropriately enough, Awakened, which gives them ridiculous amounts of numbers with which to fight the other numbers.

Star Wars: Uprising

A bit of an odd-duck, the Diablo-esque and sort of dull Uprising is set in the era between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens, so direct movie tie-ins would ruin everything. Instead, the December 9 update to the game gave players the ability to begin questing towards the dark or light side of the Force. Force powers are to be had, along with the ultimate Jedi weapon, ennui.

Also a lightsaber.

As for the rest of the Star Wars mobile games — and there are quite a few — most of them are so locked into a particular series or era that crossovers make no sense, but many of them are holding special sales on downloadable content in honour of the next chapter. Load up your favourites and see what’s what.

May the Force be in your pants, always.

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