If Fallout 4 Looked Like Fallout 1

If Fallout 4 Looked Like Fallout 1

While messing around with a save game trying to take some nice screenshots, yttriumtyclief stumbled upon a perspective that looked…familiar.

Having accidentally recreated the camera view from the first two Fallout games, he went and took a series of screenshots that have me thinking maybe I should try and play Fallout 4 like this from now on.

Or not. Seems that while the viewpoint looks great in these casual screenshots (made by tweaking some .ini files and using the third-person camera), “It falls apart once you try to enter combat though, or do really anything else besides walking around outside. It also won’t work indoors simply because of how 3D environments are created.”



  • I’d love this. I never got into the whole FPS/RPG crossover thing that Fallout did when the perspective changed in FO3.

    I’ve never played it enough to really investigate it but I was instantly put off by an FPS feel with dice roll combat. It worked great in Fallout 1 and 2 and Tactics. But moving to first person while still using % aiming and hitting with VATS felt super weird.

    • Yeah? VATS is the only reason I come back. I’m the worst shot & being able to use an RPG turn based , almost ATB system works great for me.

      Also, I play in 3rd person.

  • I know I’m going to have to hand in my gamer card here but I find the old Fallouts nigh-on unplayable. I for one am glad they moved to a FPS style.

    • I think that’s fair. Interplay were notorious for being great designers, but terrible developers. So the mechanics of the game, the dialogue, the world, the characters are all awesome. But how you actually go about engaging with that stuff was often a bit of a hot mess.

      My personal gripe with Fallout and Fallout 2 were that your companions weren’t controllable. So you’d tell the guy to use a shotgun, but then he’d switch to a sledgehammer for some reason and charge in, blocking your shot.

      But, I do prefer the tone and the dialogue in the old fallout games while also enjoying the absence of the old skill system. I think the perks work well in Fallout 4. But the conversations suck balls.

      • are you serious? The conversations suck balls in FO4?

        Wow, care to tell me something that has better more involved dialogue?
        Or are you one of those people that just skips what is said?

        • What I mean is, mechanically, there’s no real depth to them. It’s just engage the NPC, say yes, move on.

          There’s aren’t really any other meaningful ways to either gain access to hidden quests, or things like that. Basically, it’s extremely basic. You either have the charisma, or your don’t. Doesn’t really matter what you say, what you’ve done, who you may have pissed off. Just tag the NPC and move on. In that way, the conversation mechanic is closer to WoW than Fallout 2.

          Don’t get me wrong, the stories your NPC’s and the things they say sometimes are genuinely pretty good. But just as a gameplay mechanic, it’s quite lacklustre.

        • The conversations ARE terrible in my opinion.
          At no point do I find myself intrigued enough to follow the flow of chat, but instead find myself skipping most of it to get back to the genre it tries SO hard to pretend it isn’t: a run of the mill FPS.
          The dialogue is nowhere near compelling enough to want me to listen in – made undeniably worse by the fact if you choose any other ethnicity than Anglo, the immersion is broken by an obviously white voice actor.
          If you want true dialogue written supremely well, try Pillars of Eternity.

          • cry me a fucking river.
            i suppose we should have a latino lilt or a sub saharan accent.
            You know, triple the game budget to satiate every minority to walk the earth.

            How do we deal with a chinese person taking on germanic english?
            better fund that too.

            Just. Fuck. Seriously. What the fuck.

          • It’s called immersion mucktard – and big budget, triple A games strive for it. Not implementing it is lazy and cheapens the overall experience.
            Do they require *every* ethnicity to be covered? No. but if they go to the trouble (and budget) of implementing different ethnicities in the char creator, then they DO need to make sure the voice acting matches if they propose to have a voice acted game.
            We expect better from Bethesda and they failed to deliver.
            Your argument holds no water I’m afraid.

        • Wow, care to tell me something that has better more involved dialogue?

          Fallout 3, Fallout 2, Fallout 1.

    • Nah, no need to hand in your gamer card, I agree.

      Its like saying GTA has been crap since the switch away from top down. While some games can survive by keeping to the same styling, most games need to improve with the times, and RPG’s went out of fashion for a good long time.

      Personally, I think FO3 was one of the saviours of the genre, BECAUSE of that modernising of the game.

  • Now this is the real Fallout 3 (or 4 as the case may be) I’d actually be happy to buy and play..
    Wish the AAA industry and Bethesda specifically would wake up and realize this.

    • Totally agree. All AAA publishers want is stuff dumbed down for consoles. No wonder Brian Fargo ended up going to Kickstarter for Wasteland 2.

  • Please make this a workable mod – someone, somewhere, please.
    This looks like an updated Crusader: No Remorse.
    I would pour more hours into F4 if it looked like this than I have currently.

  • As much as I’m loving Fallout 4, I can’t deny that this looks really awesome (I can almost see it running as a game when I look at those pictures), and I definitely would have played it like this. But as much as I love the old Fallout games, I can’t really say that I would necessarily prefer it this way. Both perspectives have pro’s and con’s. At least Bethesda overhauled the shooting mechanics for Fallout 4. If they were identical to 3, I probably would have liked it a lot less. As much as it’s fun to imagine new Fallout’s this way, I seriously doubt it would ever happen.

  • It’s a nice gimmick, but it would need the entire game redesigned and several animations redone to be viable. The fact is that the modern Fallout games have changed, ultimately for the better, and rose-tinted nostalgia goggles will only make them worse.

    • I wouldn’t say ultimately better. Changing the character view from above to eye level/over the shoulder is all just a matter of perspective.

    • I think we can all be guilty of looking at things through rose-tinted glasses from time to time. Depending on the game, I may not even revisit something too far down the track because it will actually diminish the value of that memory (and in this respect it is the old 2D and isometric stuff which holds up a hell of a lot better than the early 3D stuff). Sometimes those experiences are better left in the past, where you appreciated it for the achievement it was at the time.

      I think the more regrettable aspects of the industry come from the emergence of things like DLC and microtransactions, not the evolution gaming has taken through advancements in technology (3D worlds instead of 2D or isometric, etc). I think if I was ultimately given the choice, of course I would choose Fallout 4 in its current state rather than someone making it look like the Fallout games of old. You can like what is new while holding onto the appreciation for the old and what it provided for people to build upon – they are not mutually exclusive.

  • Fallout 4 is great how it is but it would be sweet to play through from the zoomed out perspective view!

  • Everytime i read the comments in a fallout post, i really do laugh at all the people stuck in the past.
    But nothing makes me laugh harder than the ones who kiss obsidians ass.

    • Conversely, I find it quite sad that some people feel it nessecary to limit themselves solely to “new” games. The selection of games meeting this criteria would not even account for 1% of the total amount of games in existence, which ultimately means the person is missing out on the greatest games ever, over something so arbitrary as the number of days passed since release.

      The term “rose tinted glasses” is, more often than not, used as an insult by people who simply lack appreciation (and the ability to understand) older games. Many games, especially those with 2D art, are timeless, still hold their own against modern offerings. The only titles where there is any credibility to the argument are some first gen 3D games from the late 90’s. And even then, ocarina of time from the same period still manages to be arguably the best game ever made.

      • The early fallout games are nigh unplayable.
        ALOT of PC games in the 90’s and early 2000’s, well time hasnt been kind to them, its very hard to play them with horrible combat, horrible UI/Menus unless you had already played them or similar games.
        There are many games i wish i played when i was a kid. But alas. Now at 30. Its too hard to go back and put up with horrible game mechanics for story.
        Which is nearly the opposite situation to todays games.

        • Just goes to show. I find modern UI’s terrible. Especially when they do console ports (looking at you Oblivion for your beyond terrible UI). I find the FO1 and 2 interfaces much better than FO3’s (Don’t have FO4. Not interested). Combat was stunning! I love turnbased. XCom, FO1&2, Arcanum, Wasteland2 etc. It makes for more strategy than any FPS’er.
          But I agree with you on one thing. It truly is opposite for quality of stories these days. It’s rare to find a game with great story now. They exist. Certainly. But I’m finding the ‘blockbusters’ are becoming disappointing. Whether through expectation, or the fact that they spent more on special effects than on storyboarding.
          I think it’s ok to say that I don’t like modern FPS’ers wishing they were RPG’s, and you don’t like turn-based strategy.

          • SRPGS(RPGS?) is probably my favourite genre and for the most part, Turn based strategy is something i prefer to do with a pen and paper. So youre right there. All of those games you listed i have next to no interest in.
            Had no problem with oblivion (minus archery) UI. Morrowind had UI problems for me.

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