Watch Me Puzzle My Way Through Super Mario Maker

Watch Me Puzzle My Way Through Super Mario Maker

Video: I’m slowly making progress in the latest catastrophe of level design from Giant Bomb‘s Dan Ryckert. Dubbed The Armageddan — F8D1-0000-011D-7B5B — it’s yet another set of devious puzzles, tough platforming, and endless misdirection. Watch me play it here. I’ll eventually beat it, so the world may feel safe again.


  • I think that once you have Yoshi you have to do it all over again (get the mushroom, get the feather, and the spiky cap.) Yoshi + Spiky cap will allow you to break both the bomb container and the ice blocking a pipe that you saw but couldn’t reach. I’d suggest breaking both that and the ice on the ground pipe that needs a bomb before entering either, because I’m almost sure that one of the those pipes is going to be an exit and you’d be stuck if you go into a pipe without freeing the other.

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