Independence Day 2’s First Trailer Is…Exactly What You’d Expect

Independence Day 2’s First Trailer Is…Exactly What You’d Expect

Independence Day: Resurgence is the upcoming blockbuster sequel to a blockbuster movie that most definitely did not need a sequel. Here is its debut trailer. Brace for Goldblum.

By Pullman’s Beard!


  • I loved how silly the first one was and look forward to more popcorn goodness!

    On another note, Jeff Goldblum looks like ET in that screen grab.

    • Marked down because ‘of’ instead of ‘have’ angers me in my secret place more than any other grammatical error.

  • Looks fucking awesome to me. While comicbook movies are all nice and stuff, it’s great to see non-comicbook blockbusters coming out. It’s not like you can say they’ve rushed this or are cashing in either. 20 years is a goddamn long time to wait.

    • Smith passed on part 2, however if it’s a hit you can bet your ass he’ll be in for 3. He did Suicide Squad instead. Which to be fair, has set him up for a decade of movies…

      • I’m just so unexcited for Suicide Squad. Avengers 2 was peak action hero movie for me. Nothing is exciting me anymore in that genre.

        • Personally I found Ultron to be the laziest, most disappointing marvel movie. TWS and GOTG at this point for me are their pinnacles for different reasons. But ultron felt flat and lifeless imho.

      • Go to

        You can find out exactly where Steven “Will Smith” Hiller fits into the story.

        err I don’t think he’ll be back for a 3rd movie…..

        • lol if Will turned around and said he wanted to, you’d find some excuse like ‘He was abducted! In a coma! It’s his clone!’ lol

          But I saw the site, I really am impressed, they’re building the alt history since 1996 really well.

  • I’m intrigued. It looks very serious though compared to the first one, let’s hope there’s still an element of OTT action, like an alcoholic crop dusting pilot, or a wise cracking African American to talk smack about welcoming more Aliens to earth 😛

  • ID4 was a good movie, not sure why someone would think making another would be a bad thing, considering for ages now we have had bad movies made from BAD movies. So this should be good, probably not as good as original since that’s hard to top.

  • did anyone else actually enjoy the movie Battleship? the one with Neeson and Rhianna
    i feel like its kinda the same vibe….
    and for me, thats a positive thing.

    • I never actually saw it. Would it be worth watching on a lazy CBF doing anything else kind of afternoon?

      • I watched it, please don’t watch it. It’s that bad. Battle Los Angeles on the other hand was acceptable and sort of has that same vibe.

        • BLA was horrible.
          Watch Battleship instead. It is awesome. And has old guys carrying munitions. And giant battleships – pew pew pew! Most fun I have had in ages.

          • Problem with Battleship is it tried SO HARD to sell the whole AMERICA NAVY to the Audience that it got in the way of the movie. Also some of the Aliens ‘shortcomings’ were quite hilariously stupid.

      • I on the other hand watched it with no expectations and just wanted a boom happy, corny one liner type of movie and it fitted that requirement.

  • It does feel a bit forced United States patriotism. I think that is why I did not enjoy the first film. Too much “Ra ra US”, “US saves the day”, “US patriotism is a good thing” etc, followed by a reference shot of random international landmark being overtaken, saved and then cheering for the US.

    If they did not have that stuff, in my opinion as a non-American it would have been better, and I fear this film repeat that formula. 🙁

    • While I understand that frustration, we have to also consider the fact that US military expenditure is huge compared to the rest of the world. So, if the real thing were to happen, I’d assume they will take a large part in it. One hopes not too late…WW..Cough..Cough.

      The aliens also did attack on the 4th of July, they made it personal 🙂

    • You really should watch Moviebobs analysis of it. It’s a great breakdown of the movie, it’s not so much ‘rah rah USA’ at all when you get into it, infact *every single effort* by the Yanks fails until the world unites as one.

  • At first I was like, “Nyeeeerrh. How could they make a sequel…” and then as the trailer shown the simple conceit I was like, “Yeaaaah. This could be quite nice.”

  • Wait, no Will Smith?, all the other reappearances but no Will Smith?. Last time I checked, he’s still alive in real life, WTF is going on?!?

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