It Takes Over Eight Hours To Walk Across Just Cause 3

It Takes Over Eight Hours To Walk Across Just Cause 3

Turns out there's a very good reason Just Cause 3 is full of cars and planes and choppers and grappling hooks and parachutes: its island is enormous.

Reader Conor — who suffers through this kind of thing for your enjoyment — plotted the farthest distance across land in Just Cause 3's map and started strolling (and occasionally swimming).

It took him an astonishing 8 hours, 40 minutes to do it. For reference, it took him 56 minutes to traverse Fallout 4, and under five hours to get across five Grand Theft Auto games. I know movement speed and player size are important factors in that beyond just raw map size, but still, eight hours. Man.


    My god it would be so hard not to grapple something in 8 hours..

      Custom gamepad with just a left stick :P

        This you? You are insane!

          I may be crazy but I'm not insane. That would be the only way I could stop grappling

            Lol no i interpreted that you made the video and actually had a controller with one stick... lol

            never believe the Internets haahaha

    A bit of zigging and zagging going on there... Sometimes not even going toward the waypoint at all??

    So much disappointment when I put my headphones in and didn't hear Yakety Sax. :(

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