It's Tough In The Real World For Mario

Life is pretty sweet for Mario in the Mushroom Kingdom. He gets to eat flowers that give him magic powers. A weird gravity level allows him to jump at tremendous heights. He can fly for God's sake. He's a middle-aged plumber, he dresses up as a bee and no-one asks any difficult questions.

Transfer Mario into the real world and shit gets a little too real.

He can't jump. He can't eat flowers without consequence. He can't kick a green shell without people acting perturbed.

Life is tough in the real world for Mario.


    I've never been able to enjoy these sorts of videos, where people make fools of themselves in public.

    I've never really got into Mega64 for the same reason. Have you seen that Catherine video? It's too much!

      I don't mind stuff like kicking around a greenshell or changing costumes etc. but running face first into some artwork someone probably spent a lot of time on is not cool.

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