Jon Jones In Fallout 4, As Created By Jon Jones, The Game Developer

Jon Jones In Fallout 4, As Created By Jon Jones, The Game Developer

Earlier this year we profiled Jon Jones, a poor long-suffering game developer who shares a name with divisive UFC fighter Jon Jones.

Jon Jones the game developer was unfortunate to take the @jonjones twitter handle before Jon Jones the UFC fighter. The end result: a barrage of hate tweets every time Jon Jones does something crazy — a frequent occurrence over the last two or three years.

But now Jon Jones the game developer is getting revenge. By creating Jon Jones the UFC fighter, in Fallout 4.

How does one create Jon Jones in Fallout 4? Well, outside of the physical appearance thing, you have to get the stats right.

Here are the Jon Jones starting stats.

8 endurance. Makes sense. Jones has a good gas tank for a light heavyweight, and has frequently won later rounds in championship fights. Good call.
8 strength. Obviously. He’s a fighter.
1 in perception, intelligence and charisma. Ha! Genius.
6 in luck. Seriously though — this should have been higher.

Jon Jones look like this.

Jon Jones absolutely, positively, definitely does NOT do drugs.

And generally, true to form, Jon Jones punches people until their heads explode.

Also, as a massive Anderson Silva fan, this tweet was hard to take…

Too soon, Jon Jones the game developer. Too soon.

This is Jon Jones’s weapon of choice. Of course it is.

This Fallout 4 playthrough started as a joke for Jon Jones the game developer, but then this happened…

Jon has created a Tumblr blog chronicling his Jon Jones Fallout 4 adventures. It’s great. I also recommend following this whole thing on Twitter because it’s super good.


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