Just Cause 3 Physics Are… Different

Just Cause 3 Physics Are… Different

Just Cause 3 is the type of a game where, when something silly happens, it’s hard to tell whether it was intended or just a glitch. Like this little accident above. With grapple hooks and all kinds of upgraded gear, the possibilities are definitely endless, that’s for sure.

Here are some other fine examples:

A working centrifuge with tethers and goats [via shellfishlover].

A perfectly done airborne grapple chain. [via undead_platypus]

That’s not how you pilot a plane, Rico! [via Distortoise]

Weird bouncy physics. [via Something_Syck]

It’s a light vehicle after all. [via NordicParadox]

That not how you pilot a plane either, Rico! [via tehSlothman]

Just Cows [via Robbaz and Never-asked-for-this]


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